Wednesday, July 20th, 2022

Now that Devon’s sold the GCAC, Lily’s looking for a place to host her artists etc. Nope, she’s not looking for a partnership, she’s looking to buy TGP. Phyllis balks – I am the phoenix rising from the ashes. She’s not interested. Lily places a folder on the table – her bid is more than generous. Phyllis squints at the paperwork in disbelief (just the affect Lily expected)

Uninvited, Adam takes a seat with his siblings – he’s happy to hear that they aren’t cutting Sally loose. But you did, Nick notes. Adam changes the subject – hell is about to rain down on you.

Ally’s not questioning Ashley’s sincerity. Good, because as long as Diane’s in town she’ll inflict pain on our family. Ally politely but firmly announces that she’s not naive; she won’t be manipulated; not by Diane, Phyllis or you. After she goes up to get ready for her date, Ashley’s left looking like she’s been put in her place.

Espresso machine fixed, Noah’s going to take his Mom’s advice and live in the moment. Sharon has more advice – before you meet Ally, tell your Dad that you’re leaving New Hope.

Wow – very persuasive, but no is Phyllis’ answer. Lily accepts it – for now. Look it over, maybe you’ll change your mind, she leaves when Jack appears. He’s there to meet the Marchetti board over some food – is the private dining room available? Yes – but first, Phyllis could use some business advice (re: Lily’s offer)

Adam warns Nick and Vikki that having Ashland arrested was a bad move. He talked to Ashland in hopes they could team up to get back at Dad. But, he’s not interested in the company; Ashland’s not out for revenge, he’s out for blood.

Adam warns that Ashland’s been stripped of everything that matters to him. He’s messed up; completely trashed his hotel room. When he mentioned Victor’s darling daughter, he had a look in his eye that gave Adam a chill. Nick appreciates the intel. Whatever their issues, Adam doesn’t want to see anyone get hurt. He leaves his siblings to look worried.

This offer is significantly above market value, but do you want to sell? Jack admits he has some good memories here too – and some not-so-much. He hands the paperwork back to Phyllis – I can’t help with this. If it weren’t for Summer, Phyllis would accept the offer – she doesn’t feel she belongs in GC anymore.

Vikki hates to admit it but Adam seemed sincere. Nick agrees – you should move to the ranch. It sounds like Ashland’s gone over the edge. Vikki refuses to be scared. Getting a call from Noah, Nick’s headed to CL’s. Vikki’s going for a walk in the park – don’t worry about me.

When Ally comes down, Ashley gushes – you look gorgeous. No need to apologize for earlier; she respects a woman standing up for herself. Ally’s glad Ashley wasn’t offended.

This is between the two of you, Sharon leaves Noah to take his Dad out to the patio. I’m not gonna like this am I? Nick’s leary.

Jack doesn’t care whether Phyllis keeps the hotel or sells it. It doesn’t matter that I love you? she tears up. It’s everything, that’s the problem – I’ve never stopped loving you – why do you think it hurts so damn much? Jack stomps off.

In the park, Vikki’s distracted by her phone – but sensing that she’s being watched, runs off. Ashland comes out to watch with a scowl.