Friday, July 29th, 2022

Summer’s pretty well silent as the argument between Diane and Phyllis escalates. I helped Kyle deal with your lies! He was heartbroken after his Mother died from having her head bashed in with a rock! Now you come back acting like the virtuous grandmother!? Jack suddenly runs over – didn’t you see Harrison on the swings!? No, Phyllis did NOT.

Mariah explains the recovery process. She’ll be playing Tessa’s music a lot because she’ll miss her singing. Yelling is bad for your voice, she jokes that they won’t be able to fight. They then head upstairs with their gifts.

Looking for a file for Lily, Devon comes across the paperwork for Nate left on her desk earlier. Can you explain this to me? he asks when Nate joins him in the office.

Phyllis didn’t know Harrison was here, Diane takes the high road. She goes to get Harrison a treat. Summer tries to calm Jack down – he didn’t hear anything. Go check on Harrison, we don’t want him to be alone with that woman. It just doesn’t end with you, does it? Jack gripes.

Mariah’s back downstairs to do some work while Tessa’s sleeping. Kyle comes in to ask how Tessa’s doing. Is everything OK? she asks. He guesses correctly that she hasn’t heard the news.

Devon’s annoyed that Nate’s booked an artist to replace Tessa for a festival that he’d booked elsewhere. We have two festivals promoting the same artist. Nate downplays it as a miscommunication – sorry. Devon talks down to Nate – maybe we should find you a mentor. I don’t need supervision, Nate objects. Is everything OK in here? Amanda enters.

Updated by Kyle, Mariah hears that things are going well with Diane – he told Harrison that she’s his grandmother; she deserved it.

Phyllis tried hard to keep up the truce. Jack’s struggled too but is putting Kyle and Harrison first. You keep shutting me out (Phyllis has a point)

Nate asks Amanda for an update on Elena’s contract with Newman Media. Amanda’s not sure but can check with Imani. Don’t bother, I’ll do it myself. In the hallway, he texts Imani to ask about her Mother’s care. She replies immediately – can we talk?

Elena arranges the lei on Nate’s pillow and grins.

Nate calls Imani – good to hear your voice too.

Kyle can’t explain how touched he was to see his Mother comforting Harrison. It brought you back to hearing of her death, Mariah reminds. Being there for Harrison is as close as she can get to erasing that pain, Kyle believes.

Phyllis called Summer to check on Harrison – she wouldn’t have gone off on Diane if she knew he was at the park. Why can Jack forgive her – but I don’t get the benefit of the doubt. He could never trust her completely. And though his heart beats faster every time he’s around her, Jack can’t risk Kyle, Summer and Harrison getting caught in the crossfire – no matter how much I love you, he says before marching away.