Monday, September 12th, 2022

Nick’s not there to fire Sally but Vikki’s getting impatient and looking at other options. It’s not over yet – Nick believes in Sally and talked up her concepts to the executive team. Sally’s emailed everyone to apologize and schedule meetings – but she knows Nick wonders if her feelings for Adam are going to hold her back.

Vikki thinks Talia should question Deacon – stay away from him; he’s disgusting. He enabled you to drink – the destructive affair – blackmailing you into marrying him. What if seeing him triggers you – and you want to drink? Vikki’s very concerned about her Mother.

Phyllis planted that document on my computer, Diane’s sure she’s being set up. Phyllis will pretend to find the file – it’ll be traced back to me and I’ll be blamed for setting her up. She’s coming for me, Diane pleads with Kyle and Summer to believe her.

The way Jack sees it, Victor’s yanked the rug out from under Adam many times. You demoted him and left him out in the cold. He broke up with Sally and was at loose ends; which is never good. Victor reiterates – hiring Adam is a mistake. He only accepted the offer to piss me off. Victor then mocks Jack for having Phyllis and Diane work together. Jack has faith in Summer and Kyle’s ability – the same faith he has in Adam. Good luck with that, Victor mumbles.

Kyle and Summer will look into it – but please let us do that. Diane’s in tears – she’s just trying to be the best employee, Mother and grandmother. She feels seen and heard – I can’t thank you enough.

Nikki’s not the same person – she can handle seeing Deacon – I’ve got this, trust me. Vikki will go along with it – but has Diane done something? No – but Nikki sees right through her – she causes nothing but pain. Nikki will do whatever is necessary to get rid of Diane.

Still at CL’s, Chance is so busy teaching Chelsea relaxation/breathing techniques that he misses a call from Abby. Sharon comes down to watch for a moment.

Nick knows that Adam keeps the people around him off balance. It goes beyond Adam; This is about Sally’s own insecurities and fears. Nick thinks her fearless. Sally’s always wanted to prove that she can be a success but is her own worst enemy. Sometimes, she feels lost. Nick knows exactly what that’s like.

Jack will overlook Victor’s condescending attitude. Victor’s not being condescending – he’s done with Adam. Jack knows better – he doesn’t believe Victor’s given up on Adam.

Nikki claims that Victor’s OK with her mission and will probably send his security detail after her. It will all be worth it. Vikki hopes so – be careful. After Vikki leaves, Nikki calls Phyllis – she’s GOING to get the info they need in LA. You do your part – put the pressure on at Marchetti.

After Diane goes upstairs to read to Harrison, Summer wonders if she created the file and made up the crazy story to get Phyllis out of the way. There’s more than one possible explanation.

When Chance comes home, Abby asks where he was. His note fell on the floor. She feels they’re out of sync. Baby, we’re fine – there’s nothing to worry about, Chance reassures. I love you so much. I love you too ~kiss~

Nick’s trying to find a way to live with what he did – to move on. Sally knows he’s a good person – keep believing in yourself. That’s the exact advice Nick was going to give Sally. She won’t stop fighting for what she wants if he doesn’t. As they shake hands, their eyes lock. The chemistry is palpable.