Friday, November 4th, 2022

Abby sees Devon’s desire to keep Neil’s memory alive a strength, not a weakness. Devon appreciates her understanding his heart.

Dom on his knee, Devon tells him that his Mom’s been supporting him for years (then lists a few of the bad times) Daddy’s been there for me too (she goes over to make a list) You have a very special Mommy Dom – I get to have her in my life forever because of you.

Lauren thinks Phyllis needs to stop this – for her own sanity.

Nikki leaves Mike to tell Victor that Tucker has a connection to Audra Charles. Victor doubts it’s ‘strictly professional’ – he wants to make a move on CW.

Back from the hospital and waiting for test results, Kyle worries – Diane reassures; kids are resilient, it’s probably a bug. Kyle recalls getting mono as a kid – he was tired and scared. Diane’s sorry he went through that.

Over the chessboard, Victor and Mike agree that Tucker’s up to something.

Dom down for his nap, Abby tells Devon that Chance didn’t come home last night (after a hug talk about the future of our marriage) He said he needed time alone. Is this how my marriage ends? she tears up.

Kyle didn’t mean to make his Mom feel guilty for not being there when he had mono. In tears, Diane wants him to know the woman she is now – the love she has for him and Harrison is the most real thing about her – please tell me you know that. Kyle looks down at her hand kneading his.

Meeting Audra in his new suite at TGP, Tucker explains that Devon sold the GCAC – CW now owns TGP. Supporting the family business, she quips.

Abby tells Devon that Chance doesn’t think he can live up to being the man she wants him to be. Is there any truth to that? Maybe he’s not giving me everything I want – it kills her but maybe they aren’t compatible. There’s a wall between us, she knows – and so does Chance *sigh*

Kyle was so close to forgiving his Mother – then he heard what she did in LA. He believes her desperation was taken advantage of. Hearing Harrison call out for his DD makes him realize how important she is to him. He never wants his son to feel as lonely as he did. Whatever you did in LA, Kyle’s willing to let go. But, if he finds out she’s hiding anything else, he won’t be able to forgive her ~hug~

Victor’s sure Ashley will update him on her progress with Tucker – and that McCall plans to take over CW and Jabot. Once he’s merged the companies, he’ll put Ashley in charge of Jabot; he and Devon will run CW. Checkmate. Cheers old boy, he clinks Mike’s glass.

Audra tells Tucker that she didn’t predict Nate would grow a conscience. Good news – Jill still plans to go ahead with the IPO. Tucker hasn’t given up – it might be time to turn brother against sister.

Devon thinks Chance is a fool for putting work before his marriage to Abby – he’s move heaven and earth for her and Dom. They’re passionately kissing as Amanda wheels her suitcase off the elevator.