Thursday, November 17th, 2022

Because Adam hired her for personal reasons, Sally wouldn’t want those assumptions made about Nick. He thinks she and Chloe make an incredible team. One problem – Sally doesn’t want to start another fashion line.

Sally doesn’t want to step back to where she and Chloe were before. She’d rather do something new – interior design or event planning. Nick lists reasons why she’d make it work. Take it one step at a time. If you want, I’ll be by your side.

Phyllis thanks Tucker for the info on Diane – but what do you plan to get out of all this?

Ashley assumes it was a one-time thing – you’ll never see this person again. This person will be part of my life forever – or Dom’s. Devon, Ashley guesses – these things just happen, she comforts Abby.

Near tears, Chelsea tells Connor that the pain she was in was unbearable – she just wanted it to stop. You wanted to die? Connor asks.

Online, it’s called ‘un-aliving’ yourself, Connor schools his folks. Chelsea’s going to work really hard so she never feels that sad again. I’ll help you Mom, Connor hugs her.

Sally declines Nick’s offer to help. She wants to do it by herself – and believes she and Chloe are just that good. Maybe you can be by my side in a different way, she teases. Are we friends? Or is this going somewhere? Sally asks. Nick sure hopes so (and right now the somewhere they’re going to is bed)

Diane didn’t want to tell Kyle everything because it’d be dangerous for him to try protecting her. Yes, she had a hand in putting Jeremy behind bars, for immunity. Jack approves and has told Ashley to back off. Obviously, she didn’t listen, Diane frets.

Post sex, Sally beams – this feels right. Nick wants to go out to celebrate. Celebrate what? So much. Though invited to join Nick in the shower, Sally pulls out her tablet and starts making notes of whatever idea she’s just had.

Just as he’s told everyone else – he came back to town to win Ashley back. Having noticed how Diane was able to get back in good with the Abbotts, he was hoping to do the same. Phyllis ain’t buyin’ it. At. All.

Ashley believes that Abby and Chance can move past this – but you won’t be able to maintain such a close friendship with Devon. When Jack interrupts needing to speak to Ashley, Abby leaves him to remind that he told her to leave Diane alone. That doesn’t mean I have to do it, Ashley fires back.

Adam finally chimes in to tout the importance of honesty. Chelsea regrets keeping the secret about Johnny for so long and will never lie to him again. No shame, no secrets – we can talk about anything. If you’d rather not talk to us, talk to Sharon or a teacher. Chelsea concludes – she has an illness she’s getting treatment for. I’m getting better.

When Nick comes out of the shower, Sally shows him her tablet – a new business model. He’s impressed. This is it. Even if he can’t help bring it to life, he can’t wait to see Sally and Chloe run with it. This is where I want to be, Sally’s decided.

Connor would like to spend the night with his Mom. Of course, Adam will go pick up some clothes from the ranch and be back soon. Mother and son are left to hug and reconnect.

Finding Phyllis and Tucker together at Society, Diane is indeed confident – Kyle and Jack have my back. You’re no match for us. Come at us with everything you’ve got. This has officially turned into a war.

Jack and Ashley continue to butt heads over Diane. Tucker’s using you – did you know that he asked Diane for Jabot’s financials? He turned on her when she didn’t comply. That’s what this is about! He’s looking to exploit weaknesses in Jabot – the same way he’s exploiting your hatred for Diane.

Next Week: At Thanksgiving Dinner, Jack asks all to go around the table to share what they’re thankful for. … Lily’s stunned to run into Daniel at Society. Wow – look at you ~hug~ so good to see you – what are you doing here? she asks…. Adam speaks passionately to Sally. I want to be with you. We belong together – marry me.