Monday, November 28th, 2022

Nate appreciates the warning – he wasn’t raised to run an empire – he never wanted power. He got into medicine to help people. He just wants to do some good. Nick likens power to an addiction (which he’s sure he’ll succumb to) He can’t trust the man Nate’s become – and that’s sad.

Agreeing to come along with Chelsea, Chloe’s glad Sally seems to have chosen Nick over Adam (who Sally insists IS human) Now – about the new business idea.

Chance still loves Abby but must let her go now before things get worse. What aren’t you telling me? Victor yet again asks.

Devon’s sad to hear that Abby spent Thanksgiving alone. She didn’t want to come to the penthouse because everyone would ask questions. Devon encourages her not to give up on Chance – but either way, you’ll figure out how to co-parent. He also vows what they did won’t affect their friendship.

Billy’s pep talk is interrupted by a text from Lily (who he’s meeting for a coffee) People love and want to help you. And there’s one person who’s vital to your team right now. Who? Chloe. Chelsea nods.

Summoned to the apartment, Chloe’s devastated to hear that Chelsea’s been in the hospital and dealing with mental health issues. Chelsea wishes she’d confided in her best friend. Truth is, I felt weaker than you (because Chloe’s endured more)

Meeting at the Glam Club, Lily’s talking about how fragile relationships are – while Billy’s checking his phone in case Chelsea needs him. The irritation is soon going both ways.

When Vikki drops by Newman Media to ask what’s going on, Nate graciously thanks Nick for offering friendly career advice – you clearly have a lot to teach me. I’m glad you appreciate it, Nick’s still on edge as he exits.

Abby knows that Chance loves Dom but also knows her marriage is over. Devon can relate to the distance – some things are inevitable.

Abby and Devon continue their group-of-two therapy session. Part of him doesn’t regret it – at that moment it made all the sense in the world. They seem about to kiss when Dom cries over the monitor.

Chance continues to be vague. You promised to put my daughter above all else, Victor reminds – family is everything; everything worth fighting for. Don’t you forget it, he leaves Chance looking sad.

Chelsea doesn’t know how to justify her pain when Chloe’s gone through so much worse. Chloe says all the right things. I’m your best friend – of course, I get it. Chelsea then confides that she was literally on the edge. Billy saved my life.

He Billy asks. Are you hearing yourself? Are you seeing yourself? Listing everyone more qualified to help Chelsea, Lily accuses him of using her traumatic experience to run away from her and the company. This is you going on to your next high – Billy the savior.

Billy thinks Lily’s being judgmental and petty. You told me it was time to resign and now hold a grudge? Maybe you’re the one with the savior complex. If I don’t need saving, where does that leave you?

Vikki’s sorry to hear that Nick doesn’t trust Nate. But never mind that – she’s getting great feedback from people impressed by him. You’re off to a wonderful start. She’d like to take him to meet the LA exec team.

Chloe and Chelsea talk about suicide without saying the word suicide. You’ll get the right help this time, Chloe’s sure. You’re like my sister – I love you ~hug~

Abby’s surprised to find Chance at Society. I just had an interesting conversation with your Father. No, I didn’t tell him. I won’t embarass you. Abby appreciates it. There’s one thing we can both agree on, he assumes – not to drag this out any longer. Let’s get divorced immediately. Abby looks heartbroken.