Tuesday, January 3rd, 2022

Mom and I were arguing about Diane, again, Summer tells Daniel that Diane didn’t leave town; she was at the Abbott cabin. Daniel sees their Mom’s point. Summer doesn’t see what else she can do – Mom’s the one who brought this criminal to town. But why blame Mom? Summer doesn’t, she blames Diane.

Abby continues to grill Tucker – you didn’t tell us that Diane was still alive. I walked in on you cheating with her on my Mom – then you cheated with Devon’s Mom, Harmony. Tucker agrees that trust has to be earned – give me the gift of neutrality; you and Devon will be in each other’s lives forever. What’s that supposed to mean? Abby asks.

Tucker just meant that Abby and Devon will be connected forever because of Dom. When Devon comes back down, Tucker ignores his beeping phone and hurries out. I won’t be a stranger, he leaves Devon to ask Abby what he walked in on.

Jack’s sorry that Summer and her Mom are at odds but doesn’t feel sorry for Phyllis – she’s impulsive and acts without considering the consequences.

Tucker bangs on Diane’s door at TGP – it’s Jeremy Stark! he jokes. Once inside, he needles Diane about booking at suite at the Abbott’s. Go to hell, she’s not impressed.

Summer knows Stark would have found Diane on his own in due time. How do I tell my husband that his Mother’s brought misery to our lives. Harrison loves Diane but she’s endangered him and complicated my marriage! Summer’s been going along with everything Kyle wants. What will you do? Daniel wonders.

Tucker wants Jeremy gone; make it happen he snaps his fingers – he’s interfering with my plans. Diane complains about Tucker turning on her and conspiring with Ashley and her coven. You brought this danger to town. I’ve lost Jack. You’ve got him wrapped around your finger, Tucker’s not buying it – see you around.

Abby relays Tucker’s statement that she and Devon will always be connected because of Dom – she’s agreeing to visitation for Devon’s sake, not Tucker’s. When we’re together, things seem easy – it feels right. Devon feels the same way ~kiss~

Devon wants Abby to stay. She wants to stay ~kiss~ They again make love.

Tucker walks into CL’s as Phyllis is leaving Amanda a long-winded voicemail. I need talk to you. Call me, I love you. Sounds like you could use someone to talk to, Tucker doesn’t think they need to be friends to have mutual goals.

Summer’s been acting – pretending Diane’s a victim. She burned her life to the ground and faked her death. Jack and Kyle think our Mom’s the problem. It’s infuriating – Diane convinced Kyle to lie to me. Daniel asks how Kyle’s handling all this. This can’t be easy for you. Summer admits that she’s lying to herself – she’s not sure how much longer Kyle can do the same where his Mother’s concerned.

Diane’s back at the Abbott’s house to tell Kyle that she’s fine and couldn’t ask for a better son. He couldn’t ask for a better Mom. He leaves Jack to support Diane – you can let your guard down with me. Get Jeremy out of your life for good. Thanks for everything, she gives him a kiss on the cheek. Ashley walks in to snarl – oh, come on, what’s going on???