Monday, January 9th, 2023

At the house, Summer’s looking forward to taking Harrison to Paris – while Kyle works on getting rid of Stark.

Joining Jeremy at Society, Diane notes that he’s wearing a tie she gave him years ago. He’s dying to know all the details of her ‘assignment’. Oh yes, he agrees that Diane’s a woman with wants and needs.

Yet again showing up at Devon’s unannounced, Abby quickly deduces that he’s not in the mood (to go for a coffee with her)

At CL’s, Phyllis now wants to talk about what Tucker had in mind when he said he wanted to ‘burn it all down’.

In Jack’s office, Ashley concludes business talk then matter of factly relays being in the right place at the right time to learn that CW’s IPO expert, Audra Charles, has been feeding Tucker info – he came to GC for Jabot – not because he didn’t want me back in his life.

Phyllis schools Tucker – people in GC are smart; they’re on to you. You’ll never be one of us. Stop throwing your money around and fix things with your family (like she is) – or – go ahead and burn it all down.

Hearing that Tucker got info on Jabot’s finances (which Diane was supposed to provide) Jack wonders if part of Ashley wishes she was wrong about Tucker’s motive. Nope – Ashley’s not the one being fooled by a manipulative ex. There it is, Jack believes Ashley’s hatred for Diane is clouding her judgment.

When Diane won’t share details of her loyalty test, Jeremy suspects she’s stalling; so demands that she act quickly and decisively. You’re in my town now – I’m calling the shots – but Diane’s confidence is shattered when Jeremy demands that she get things done – by tomorrow.

Summer loves Kyle; knowing he’d rather be in Paris with her and Harrison; we’ll video chat you every day. He doesn’t want her to think that he’s putting his Mother first – you and Harrison are my world. Their kiss is interrupted when Phyllis arrives – I need to speak with Summer.

When Tucker shows up at Jabot looking for Ashley, Jack’s pleased to say that ‘she wants nothing to do with you’. Knowing that he’s after Jabot and CW, Jack lists everything Tucker’s been up to – I’m surprised you have the nerve to show up here.

What’s got you worked up? Abby asks. Devon tells her everything. He went to Tucker’s suite to confront him (your Mom was there by the way) Devon’s sorry he let Tucker get close to Dom. He used us; his real interest is going after CW and Jabot. We’re your family, Abby assures Devon – we’ll never disappear.

Vikki thinks the candidate Nate’s raving about; who he wants by his side sounds too good to be true. What’s her name? Audra Charles!? she’s surprised.