Tuesday, January 10th, 2023

Disappointed that she can’t get in to see her doctor, Chelsea asks them to wait a minute to answer her door. Is this a bad time? Victor asks.

Moping at her desk, Lily’s surprised when Billy drops by asking her to pick a fist. Lily chooses the left one. A chocolate heart – the same as the one he filled her desk with last year. I don’t want to give up. Do you?

Sharon brewed this pot of coffee just for Chance. She lists the ingredients inspired by their last dinner out. How far off the beaten path is she willing to go? Sharon will try anything and everything. Chance is complimenting the Morrocan coffee when Abby walks in.

Ending her call, Chelsea’s offer of coffee is declined. After a brief chat about Connor, Victor grimaces/smiles; family is important to me.

Devon leaves Lily a message; he’s working from home today and has Dom – but wants to see her to discuss something important. You should hear this from me. Your great-grandmother is probably disappointed in me right now, he talks to a framed photo of Dom. And things will get worse when he tells Lily his news.

If Lily had chosen the other hand? Billy has another chocolate in his other fist. We love each other. We drifted apart – and couples therapy has made Lily realize that a relationship shouldn’t hurt this much.

Victor came in peace and agrees that Connor and Johnny bonding is heartwarming. With a reminder that he helped Chelsea go to a mental facility instead of prison, he wants to help her again.

As Chance suggests they get a huge map and some darts, Abby interrupts. No thanks to Moroccan spiced coffee, she asks to talk to Chance. On the patio, Abby comments that she almost didn’t recognize him (looking so happy) I’ve come to a decision, she announces.

Abby thinks it time to move out of the Chancellor estate. And move in with Devon? Chance assumes.

Lily’s emotionally exhausted; she has the IPO nightmare but can’t talk to Billy about it. She wants Billy to be happy. We were perfect together until we weren’t. It’s over, she’s in tears.

Victor’s concerned about the welfare of his grandson and knows that something’s troubling Chelsea. You’re part of the family; we pick each other up. If Chelsea needs a break, he and Nikki will take care of Connor. Adam drops by to ask ‘what the hell’s HE doing here’? Victor’s talking to the Mother of his grandson – is that a problem? Yes, it is, Adam replies.