Thursday, January 12th, 2023

Adam’s not in the mood for Kyle’s company – or taunting about Sally choosing to be with his brother. Victor arrives to meet Kyle and rub it in Adam’s face that they’re meeting just to catch up – that’s what family does.

Reminded of her deadline, Diane has everything under control. Phyllis listens to Diane telling Jeremy that she’s going to Chicago to steal him an item of jewelry that’ll check off all his boxes. From who? Nikki. Payback for using us would be nice. Phyllis puts her phone away – hard to tell whether she’s taken a photo or video.

Tucker turns up on the Abbott’s doorstep to beg Ashley to hear him out.

When did Audra and Tucker forge this alliance? They go a way back. He paid off her school loans. The connection was professional and personal. Devon figured it out and forced her to resign. Audra told a lie of omission. Still a lie, Nate’s not happy to have hired her without all the facts. Thrilled to be done with Tucker, Audra believes she and Nate can achieve great things together. That said, she’ll understand if he wants to rescind his job offer.

Tucker’s made it through the front door to grovel to Ashley. He had no plan to rip Jabot away from the family – just to make her its star. He could see that excited her. A connection like ours can’t be faked – please stay. Give us a chance.

Phyllis has summoned Nikki to CL’s. Diane’s back and playing Jack, she informs. Right now, she’s with Jeremy Stark – and doesn’t look terrified of him at all.

Back at the Glam Club, Jeremy finds Diane’s plan ‘poetic’. This ambitious heist will be hard to pull off alone, he wants to hear details.

Nate now understands why Audra didn’t react to his betrayal of his cousins. Newman taking over CW would have ruined Tucker’s plan. Audra has no reason to lie at this poiint – you play to win or you’ve already lost. Nate agrees – his COO job offer still stands.

Ashley admits that she felt drawn to Tucker – but – you were a crappy partner, then and now. All you had to do was be straight with me. She can’t wait to get on that plan so she doesn’t have to look at Tucker again.

Updating Victor on how well everyone’s doing, Kyle suspects his grandfather’s met him to discuss his Mother. Victor has something more important on his mind. How’s Adam doing at Jabot?

Sally’s brought Nick back to her suite to remove his clothing, piece by piece. As he’s kissing her neck, she panics when spotting her pregnancy vitamins on the desk.

It’s none of Tucker’s business how long Ashley will be gone. She won’t be thinking of him. He’ll think of her every day. If you respect me as much as you claim to, she asks Tucker to leave – now. The door’s slammed behind him.

Diane was Mrs Victor Newman – a couple of times. She’s an insider. Jeremy could almost trust her. By tomorrow, you’ll be 100% sold, she promises.

Back at CL’s, Phyllis and Nikki finish looking at the photo of Diane and Jeremy to wonder what to do about it while Ashley’s out of town.

Sally sends Nick to start the shower – I’ll be right in. She wastes no time hiding the supplements in her purse.

Adam seems to be doing alright, Kyle tells Victor. Neither you nor I want him working at Jabot – Victor suggests they remedy that. Adam looks over from the bar.

Next Week: Did a bomb just go off in here? Is everything alright? Daniel asks at Jabot. Kyle and Summer look traumatized… Devon updates Abby that he has an update about dissolving the merger – not one he saw coming…. Rubbing Diane’s shoulders from behind, Jeremy wants to seal this new partnership with a kiss. Diane whips around to kiss him passionately.