Tuesday, February 28th, 2023

Good morning. Summoned to Society by his parents, Kyle can’t stay long – Marchetti’s extra busy due to the textile mills they acquired from Victor. Jack and Diane are leaving town for a bit – to avoid psychological torture from Jeremy Stark (who came right back to GC after getting out of jail)

Phyllis is so glad Summer’s the one who answered the door. Harrison’s at preschool and Jack wants nothing to do with you, Summer’s blunt. Phyllis is there to turn things around – let’s go have coffee and just talk; you’re the light of my life. Refusing to take no for an answer, Phyllis will just sit on the sofa until Summer agrees.

Ashley’s been called to Newman. Victor and Vikki know someone bought Tucker’s debt and Nikki believes that person might be you.

Tucker thanks Devon for meeting him. What he has to say could be life-changing. You’ve got thirty minutes, don’t lie, Devon isn’t quite so polite.

Kyle’s outraged to hear that Stark’s back and sending possibly dangerous packages to the house. The GCPD’s just going to ignore this? The package was a book; a memento of his time with Diane in LA – but there’s no proof he’s behind it, Jack and Diane deny they’re being run out of town. Hopefully, Stark gets bored and moves on while they enjoy their romantic getaway.

Summer has to get to work. Of course she wishes things were different. Then let’s make things different, Phyllis continues to grovel. She’s not happy to hear that she and Daniel are commiserating. Summer disapproves of her Mother meddling by bringing Stark to town and meddling in Daniel’s relationship. She’s tired of her Mom’s excuses – just admit for once that you screwed up.

Why do you think I’d buy Tucker’s debt? And why would you care? Ashley scoffs at Vikki’s suggesting that she’s a doe-eyed ingenue who’d fall for Tucker’s lines. Victor agrees – she’s far too smart to believe that man’s changed. Right, so it’s preposterous to think I’d buy his debt, Ashley stands. Please don’t go, Victor’s pleading makes Vikki uncomfortable.

Tucker made some big mistakes when he came back to town; alienating the two people he came back for; Devon and Ashley. He’s now putting his money where his mouth is – he’s selling McCall Unlimited and would like Devon to take it over.

Tucker believes Devon’s the person to turn McCall Unlimited around (and lists why) I want to see you at the helm. Sounds like you want me to buy your debt, Devon grunts. No, someone’s already done that; Tucker will give Devon the friends and family discount, Knowing he’d run the company with integrity and heart.

Victor suggests Ashley bought Tucker’s debt for revenge. In that case, she steers them in Devon’s direction; he has the means and motive. No, Vikki believes whoever bought the debt enjoys the game and that’s why Ashley’s their prime suspect.

At Society, Kyle confronts Jeremy – who immediately gets under his skin by mentioning Summer and their adorable son – which leads Kyle to warn him to stay away from his family. Relax, Jeremy’s decided to forgive and forget – he’d like to tell Diane that; unless she took his gift the wrong way. They left town, Kyle tells Stark to do the same.