Tuesday, March 7th, 2023

At CL’s, Lily tells Daniel that she saw his message when she was on the phone with Amanda – she’s really eager to sink her teeth into Hamilton Winters. Lily just wants to win. And when Daniel gives her the heads up on Nate, Lily rolls her eyes – of course, it’s all about ‘the Great Nate Hastings’.

Devon has enough problems without adding Tucker to the list but won’t talk to Vikki about his business dealings. Vikki thinks it best for everyone if Newman buys McCall Unlimited.

After Abby leaves, Tucker floats the idea of him donating the profits of the sale. Don’t give up on Devon, Ashley teases him – maybe you just don’t want it enough.

Daniel relays telling Nate to leave it alone but does feel bad for him and believes he really does want to help Devon and Lily make amends. She’s not convinced.

When Abby drops by the penthouse, Devon (on his laptop) shows her that McCall Unlimited is a mess but could be valuable with some tweaks by the right person. Perhaps it could be his safety net in case he loses Hamilton Winters to Lily.

Returning to the office, Vikki’s horrified to hear that her Dad wants to buy McCall Unlimited for Adam to run as its own entity.

You’re using an acquisition to bribe your son, so he’ll be beholden to you, Vikki accuses. No further discussion about this, Victor orders before leaving her to blab everything to Nate. McCall is mine, she has no intention of letting Adam run it.

Abby gently suggests Devon might be wrong about her Father and his. Vikki just came and told me that Tucker offered Newman his company first and that she’s still interested. Both love their sisters – but Abby wonders what Vikki’s next move is.

Ashley pressures Tucker to talk Devon into buying McCall Unlimited – for the future of his son and grandson. The future for ‘us’? Ashley’s reply is a passionate kiss.

Still at CL’s, Lily mopes – she hoped to build a Neil and Kay’s legacies to outlast her and Devon. Daniel can see that she’s giving everything she has to that end. You didn’t fail, everyone else failed YOU!

Abby and Devon wonder why Tucker killed the deal with Newman – maybe it has to do with whoever bought his debt. Does that make you want to make the deal or walk away? she asks.

Ashley wants this to work, to know that Tucker’s sincere about being the man Devon and Dom need him to be. She’s clearly conflicted about her emotions for Tucker. On cue, he gets a text – Devon’s ready to talk and it must have been because of Ashley’s kiss. Change is coming and Tucker’s determined to prove that they’re meant to be together.

I always get what I want, Vikki tells Nate. Compromise? Yeah, sure, on the playground but not in the corporate workd. You have to pace yourself, let them think they’re winning before going in for the kill. Put yourself in my hands. I have everything under control, she assures Nate.