Tuesday, April 25th, 2023

Adam joins ‘Dr Nate Hastings’ (uninvited and unwelcome) at Society to comment that he has two things going for him that put him in good shape for success at NE. You’re not a Newman or intimately involved with one.

Vikki enters her office to express surprise that her Dad’s sitting behind her desk. He’s there to deliver good news to her and Nikki – you’re looking at the new owner of McCall Unlimited. Let the competition begin. Is that all? Vikki pretends not to care – Adam won’t be failing on her watch.

Love you Harrison, Kyle calls out the front door. He implores Summer to please let him in. She knows she must – but right now has something to do.

Was Stark poisoned? Was it an accident? Jack grills Chance at CL’s. The detective only knows that his body was found in Pheasant Lake. We go where the evidence leads us. Take this as a lesson, Jack again warns that things aren’t always as they seem.

You look like hell, Diane sneers when a disheveled Mike comes to visit – demanding to know how the hell he’s going to get her out of this mess.

Adam didn’t mean to offend Nate – but – you’re basically continuing what Sally started at Newman Media. Yes, she was doing a good job and Nate told Vikki that. No worries – Sally’s better off without the stress, Adam then delights in correcting Nate’s assumption – Sally’s bundle of joy is mine.

You’ll be kicking yourself for not buying McCall, Victor tells Vikki not to be ‘cocky’. Adam’s changed – he’ll be someone to be reckoned with. Love you both, he leaves Vikki to be further annoyed when her Mom suggests she knows she’ll never win against her father.

Back at CL’s, Chance and Jack continue to debate whether Stark being found dead changes the case against Diane. After Jack marches out, Sharon changes Chances’ mood and is rewarded with a dinner invitation.

Mike coaches Diane to focus on building a strong defense – tell me everything that happened the night Phyllis died. Leave out one detail and you can find yourself another lawyer.

Refusing to let Kyle come with her on her ‘errand’, Summer will only say that it might bring them all some closure.

Mike points out the gap in Diane’s timeline – between wishing she could strangle Phyllis to death and Phyllis collapsing. And here’s a receipt for an online purchase of the toxin – made with Diane’s credit card a few days before the gala. Diane sputters that she didn’t buy any poison! Jeremy’s behind this! Yes, she knows Chris will have her family testify to seeing her fighting/threatening Phyllis. Jack and Kyle understood; Summer will do whatever it takes to put her behind bars.

Still at the house, Kyle meant everything he said through the door last night. He’s not going anywhere. Jack then comes home to announce that Stark’s dead.

Knowing that Victor will make a big splash in the press, Nikki suggests Vikki take a little vacation (not the business trip to LA) Vikki insists that she does know how to enjoy some R&R – just ask Nate, who enters to share a knowing smile with his boss/lover.

Chance jokes – Sharon’s supposed to be distracting him from the case but instead has brought him back to the scene of the crime. They’re at the jazz lounge because the GCAC restaurant is closed for a private function.

At Society, Victor congratulates Adam. Your brother told me that you’re having a daughter. He’s happy that there’ll be another Newman to be a ‘shaker and mover’ in the next century. You start work at McCall tomorrow morning. I bought it for you, your sons and your daughter – the legacy will go on forever. Adam’s NOT happy that his daughter’s being used as leverage before she’s even born.

Informed that Phyllis was holding her engagement ring when she collapsed, Diane correctly guesses that Jeremy stole it when bumping into Jack. Finally, Mike concludes – the most damning piece of evidence against you is provided by me.