Monday, May 15th, 2023

Diane wants to drag that bitch back by her hair. What’s the plan? Kyle explains why he (Jack and Mike) didn’t tell her immediately. He has more reasons why Daniel didn’t tell Summer. Diane wants him to tell her – to save his marriage.

Jack wraps up his ‘crazy’ story; finally convincing Chris by telling her that Phyllis killed Stark with scissors.

Happy to see Billy and his cinnamon buns, Chelsea updates him on Omegashere and worries briefly about Connor.

Chris won’t be goaded into acting on Jack’s assertion that Phyllis is alive. As bad as she is, she’d never abandon Summer and Daniel. If you want my help, get me PROOF.

When Summer comes home, Kyle has good news for her. Your Mom’s alive.

Impressed to hear what Billy said to Summer, Chelsea declares him a good man. His caress gives her shivers; his praise makes her smile (until he says something that makes her inhale sharply)

Hearing Kyle out, Summer’s alarmed to hear the list of people who know that her Mom’s alive.

On the back veranda, Diane tells Jack that he should have told her, not Kyle.

Chelsea tells Billy how she constantly monitors her mental health and remembers that she came so close to not being here for any of this happiness she’s not sure she deserves. They decide to go for a moonlit walk.

Summer’s afraid to hope that her Mom’s really out there. Kyle’s sure she is – why would Daniel tell him otherwise?

Meanwhile, Daniel listens to Summer’s message, then runs back out before Chris and Chance see him. She’s relayed Jack’s story (as a heads up) His take? Desperate people are doing desperate things.

Jack’s sorry. He didn’t want to give Diane false hope. Phyllis put you in this mess; come hell or high water, she’ll get you out, he vows.