Monday, May 29th, 2023

Jack comes home to chat with Kyle (who whines about Summer) and give Diane a book and a flower – once she’s free he’ll take her anywhere she wants to go. Let’s go now, she heads for the door.

Beautiful morning, isn’t it? Assuming Chris has summoned him to Society to offer a plea deal, Mike says don’t bother – since the victim is still alive. No deal, Chris has a ‘new development’ to share.

Running into Daniel at CL’s, Summer’s pissed to hear that he told Lily their secret. I guess Mom going to prison doesn’t bother you!

Nick calls Sharon to ask if she’s heard anything from Cameron or Chance. No and no. Coming into the office in time to overhear, Nikki emits a sharp ‘Nicholas’!

Hearing the front doorknob jiggle, Sharon grabs a poker from the fireplace. It’s Faith and she’s brought a friend home from school – I hope you don’t mind.

Nikki’s alarmed – has Cameron been released?? Where is that monster now?!

In his suite at the GCAC, Cameron finishes a drink. Washing his face, he talks to the ‘handsome devil’ in the mirror. Welcome back to GC. It’s been way too long.

Nick doesn’t know if Cameron’s been released but will keep his Mom in the loop. Wasting no time, he declares Vikki + Nate a disaster waiting to happen.

Back at CL’s, Summer lectures Daniel on loyalty. He needed someone to talk to – so chose Lily. She owns a media company, Summer points out. Her plan is to find the EMT Stark paid off. Their bickering is interrupted when Chance appears – he has news.

Diane’s fretting to Jack and Kyle (about Phyllis disappearing) when Mike and Chris drop by. We’re dropping the charges, Chris announces. It’s really over, Diane’s hugged by an exuberant Jack.

No, Faith’s friend isn’t Moses. It’s a cat named Borgnine. When Tessa and Mariah arrive with Aria, Sharon takes the cat carrier to Faith’s room. Faith’s delighted to meet her beautiful niece – I love her already, all smile at the stroller.

Nikki’s sorry that the lovely Elena was hurt but Vikki seems happy. Bringing up Ashland, Nick’s convinced that Nate has changed; this won’t end well – not for any of us.

Nate brings lattes to Audra’s suite. He just had breakfast with Victor. It was going very well – then we talked about his daughter and my future.

Chris explains that Chance followed up on the red hair Jack found at the motel; which lead to him finding a program that had Phyllis’ fingerprints and DNA on it. It proves she’s very much alive. Chris apologizes to Diane (who wonders what happens now – to Phyllis)