Tuesday, May 30th, 2023

On the patio, Daniel and Summer tell Kyle that Chance just told them that their Mom’s alive. Of course he can forgive Summer. My Mom’s free. She gives Daniel side-eye as she hugs him.

At Society, Lucy thanks Lily for letting her hand out at the office today. Is it true that you and my Dad were married when you were kids?

A wobbly Sally manages to sit on a park bench. Did you feel that too? she holds her bump.

Nick’s admiring the photos he took of the ladies when Mariah and Faith notice that Sharon’s distracted and wonder why.

Cameron finishes his glass of beer and leaves Society.

Once Nick and Sharon are alone, she shows him the matchbook – the Southside Motel; where Cameron attacked her. Both assume he’s sending these things from prison. Chance arrives with news – and it’s not great.

In the park, Cameron asks Sally if she’s OK – can I call someone for you?

Daniel can’t believe their Mom would do such a thing. Summer blames it all on Stark. Both Mom and Diane are his victims. Kyle will always owe Daniel for coming forward instead of keeping Phyllis’ secret. He wouldn’t be able to live with himself otherwise. Mom’s not a murderer – the DA has to see that, Summer insists.

It was a very long time ago – have you talked to your Dad about this? Lily asks. No, but Lucy’s sure he would if she asked – tell me everything. So romantic. Yes, we were in love. Daniel appears to ask what he missed. Nothing, both quickly say.

Missing a call from Sally, Nick and Sharon are informed that Cameron was arrested in LA for assaulting his girlfriend. Chance wants to know more about Cameron and what he’s capable of.

As Cameron hovers, Sally makes another call. Adam’s on his way – it’s gonna be OK, he reassures. Sit tight. Sounds like your hero’s on his way, Cameron smiles.

Back at Sharon’s, Chance hears that she met Cameron in Denver. Her marriage with Nick was on the rocks – she tried to drown her pain in alcohol. Cameron took advantage of that – he became violent. She didn’t want Nick to find out so didn’t go to the police. He followed her GC (flashback of him assaulting her – and denying it) Cameron blacked me into meeting him one night. Flashback to her pleading with him to leave her alone – then trying to leave; her fending him off his attack by hitting him over the head with a champagne bottle. I thought he was dead – I hid his body…

Are you OK to walk? Adam asks. Sally’s sorry – she had double vision – it passed. He’s glad to here that someone was there to help her.

Lucy knows her Dad’s sending her to the bar to eat pie – subtle, she leaves Lily and Daniel. I have news, both say in unison.