Friday, June 28th, 2024

Dammit Billy, Jill’s furious that he told Lily and Devon about her condition. Were you trying to get sympathy votes?? Yeah, Devon thought the same thing, Billy admits . It’s time to get this over with, Jill’s ready. Abby will be joining them soon (from Paris)

Since this involves the company she built, Jill will be casting her own vote. Pressed for details, Billy tells Devon that Winters will retain Omegasphere and Abbott Chancellor will take everything acquired after the merge. It’s time to vote, Jill declares.

Traci knows being a twin must be an intense bond. She’s sorry – we can talk about anything else. Alan thinks it’s good to get it out – he usually doesn’t confide in people. You really can read people’s hearts. Traci looks captivated.

Claire knows that Summer feels left out – it’s her job to make things easier for her. Summer comes down to note that Harrison got some sun – did you out sunscreen on him? Claire did – but she’ll use more next time. After she goes to make a snack for when Harrison wakes up, Kyle scolds Summer – who then wants to know what’s going on between him and Audra.

Not that it’s any of Summer’s business but Kyle’s not dating Aura. Summer’s stunned to hear that Diane fired him. Kyle won’t be working for her – he’ll be working with her, as co-CEO. Summer thinks he’s out of his mind.

Alan downloaded one of Traci’s novels last night – she’s kind, loving and beautiful, inside and out.

Billy and Lily vote to separate. Devon and Abby vote ‘yes’ too. Jill can do the math – her vote won’t mean anything. It does to us, Billy and Lily encourage.

Jill speaks from her heart – what you’re about to do is a huge, horrible mistake. This company has profited since the murger. Her symbolic vote is ‘no’. She hopes it’s worth it ti Billy in the end. After the meeting ends, Lily confirms to Billy that she’s not happy – she feels that she let Jill down.

Escorting Traci back to her suite, Alan bids her good night with a brief but tender kiss that leaves her reeling.

Summer lists reasons why Kyle’s making a big mistake -you’d be competing against your family company, who I still work for by the way, she reminds. It’s a declaration of war. Nothing good will come of working with Audra – I don’t want her anywhere near Harrison. Kyle balks at her dictating who he spends time with. Summer thinks it time to revisit custody. Do you really think that will be good for our son? Summer will have her attorney contact his. Claire quietly comes out to ask if everything’s alright. No, it’s not – have dinner with me tonight and I’ll tell you all about it, Kyle replies.