Wednesday, May 27th

Next: Ash yelps at Yack – I’m trying so hard to support you through this dubious merger, but you’re not making it easy Jack – I’m done ….. On the rooftop, Ben tells Abby that Ashley ‘may have admitted that she has feelings for me’ …. Kelly snarls at a dirt covered Jack – Do you really think it’d be that easy to get rid of me?


My Thoughts: Really Dylan? You missed more than 30 years with your Mom? Try 40! …. Vikki mentions Johnny and Katherine, but not Reed? Is he forgotten? He carries Nikki’s maiden name for heaven’s sake… Her kid’s ‘relationship’ issues is s pretty lame reason to get drunk. And is she’s so distraught over Summer and Noah’s loss, why hasn’t she spent any time with them?…. MTS did a great job with her stand alone show. But here goes; I’ve watched enough Intervention on TV to know that a professional should have been the one leading the session; not Neil (who, as Nikki mentioned, has been sober for 5 minutes) And should an intervention be held in a room with a bar and alcohol on full display? Um no…. What’s with emo Yack? Did he lose a bunk buddy to the bottle in Peruvian prison? We’re really supposed to believe this weepy say is a drug lord and cold blooded killer ….. Nikki and Victor both must have been plastered (or the writers think WE are) The Newman relationship isn’t even healthy, never mind romantic. It’s been a toxic and sick relationship for years now. A few minutes of flowery loves-speak doesn’t change that… Thank God, Angel wasn’t a real angel – I thought I was watching Passions for a minute.