Tuesday, June 16th

What is it about nice girls and bad boys? Jack wonders – as Marisa tends to his injured leg. Marco was the only man Marisa ever loved, but he didn’t have faith. He didn’t choose me. I was ready to run away with him but he left me, with a bag of money. Marco made too many enemies to live a long life. Jack notes that he and Marco have something else in common; everyone thinks I’m dead, and if we don’t get of this island, they’ll be right.

At the club, Abby and Vikki are both frustrated at being stonewalled. Who’s ducking your questions? Vikki asks, then likens Ashley shutting Abby down to Billy being a brick wall with her. The Abbott’s are planning something against OUR Father. But Abby thought Jack and Victor were best buds. Nope -Vikki confides that Victor asked her to work on Billy (then to forget it) The sisters decide that perhaps their Father doesn’t always know best, does he?

Billy’s not swayed by Adam’s motive; it rings false. He should have gotten over his Father’s death by now. Like you got over your daughter’s death? Adam retorts. Whoa – Billy doesn’t think them the same thing; Harrison Bingham died, Delia was murdered. An accident, Adam snaps. It’s not a contest, Chelsea tells him to drop it. OK, Adam then claims that Harrison Bingham raised him, but Jack’s his Father. Billy, Chelsea (and the newly arrived Ashley) are stunned.

Adam’s announcement is met with distrust. What the hell?! You can’t be Jack’s son! Even Chelsea thinks he’s messing with them. Billy and Ashley are NOT Adam’s Aunt and Uncle. When did this supposedly happen? How long has Adam known this? Not long – he couldn’t believe his Mother had an affair with Jack. Ashley WILL asks Jack AND wants a DNA test. And where’s Kyle? Out of the country, doing the money transfer. Ashley worries about him – text Kyle, tell him not to put the transfer through! After she slams out, Billy snarks – Adam’s the gift that keeps on giving.

In his office, Victor’s on the phone, and reading an online article on the explosion that sunk a ship off the cost of South America. I got the information, he says – where did the ship go down. He’ll fund a recovery mission. I need proof that Jack Abbott is dead.

Yack continues to lie to Phyllis; he tried to find Marisa and eventually did, but she was married, and having financial troubles. Through a contact, Yack anonymously paid off their bills. It was enough that Marisa was happy. IT was the contact who sent him the text. They were on a vacation when their ship exploded; everyone was lost.

Back in the cabin, Jack’s now in new coveralls. Marisa worries someone will come after them. Can you walk? Apparently not (he flops onto the bed – Marisa pouncing on him; Jack! Jack!)

No, Vikki’s not having second thoughts on teaming up with Abby. She won’t be Victor’s soldier. Forget about Dad and Uncle Jack – let’s get the full story, Abby says. Yes, but Vikki worries – what if we’re too late to do anything about this plan? What if it’s in motion?

Back at the penthouse, Billy continues to ride ‘Gabe’; is there anything that’s real about you? It’s time for you to go, Adam stands. Chelsea agrees. And no, ‘Uncle Billy’ doesn’t need to follow Ashley’s order (to call Kyle and stop the money transfer) Now alone, Chelsea’s upset with the ‘bastard, Gabe’ – how could you?

Phyllis is grateful to Manuela – if Jack hadn’t loved and lost, he may not have come to love her. Yack tears up – you’re an amazing woman – we share an amazing life. No one will take it from me! Who’d try take it from you? Phyllis wonders. Yack then gets a call from Victor – I need to see you right now ~click~ Yack assures Phyllis it’s nothing he can’t handle.

His wounds infected, Marisa must find a doctor for Jack. Grabbing her wrist, Jack suspects she’s not going for help. You’re going to save yourself and leave me to die.