Tuesday, June 16th

Chelsea hates being lied to. I let a stranger into my home; my bed. I shared things with you – including my son! Why didn’t you tell me you’re Jack’s son. Adam was in shock. He just found out. One thing that’s true is his love for Chelsea; believe in that.

Seeing Billy take a seat at the bar, Abby puts her and Vikki’s plan in motion by inviting him to join them. OK, but he’d rather not talk about what’s bothering him. Abby confronts him – ah ha! Uncle Jack’s planning an attack. Vikki also leans on Billy for answers. What he tells them won’t leave this table.

In the lab’s office, Ashley’s upset to find Phyllis on HER laptop. Is Jack using you like he’s using Kyle??? Never mind – where’s Jack? He was summoned by Victor. He wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Yack arrives at Victor’s office grumbling about a storm coming in. Victor blathers on about being blind sided, then showing him the online article, calls Yack a thug who’s in over his head. I made you – I can break you, he boasts. Yack pours a drink – Yes, you took me from a Peruvian prison, coached me on becoming Jack – unleashed me on the world. Accused of killing the kids at the cabin, Yack ways those kids are dead for a reason. No one was to know that there’s two Jack Abbott’s. Now only you and I know. That’s one too many.

It doesn’t matter who Adam’s Father is – he wants to be with Chelsea. And you feel the same way, right? Right? What do you need from me? There’s only one thing ‘Gabe’ can do for her – get the hell out of my house.

Abby and Vikki continue to press Billy for answers – for Katherine and Johnny, let us help you. We won’t tell dear old Dad. Billy’s not falling for the tag team sister act. He drops the bomb that ‘Gabe’ is his nephew. Jack is his Father!? Abby and Vikki are stunned.

No, Ashley’s never heard the name Manuela. But nothing her brother does surprises her these days. She tells Phyllis that apparently, he has another son.

If Marisa wanted to save herself, she would have let Jack drown. Sleep – she’ll go get help. Yes, she’ll come back. Jack nods off.

Victor won’t be intimidated. As he opens a drawer, Yack says he won’t find him 9 millimeter there (because it’s in his hand) You haven’t got the guts, Victor taunts. Yack aims from a few feet away. You sure about that???

Next: At the club’s bar, Joes asks a tipsy Lily what she’s drinking. Fuzzy Navel, but she’s ready for something stronger …. Sharon naked under a a blanket on the sofa behind him, Dylan’s on the phone with Avery – did you call the police? I didn’t even think, she stammers – then gasps as the lights go out – Oh my God!

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