Tuesday, July 7th

Chelsea jumps in to woo Mr Ritinski (who now seems won over; you two get it) He’ll call legal and get started on the contract. The new business is bigger, the ladies want a new rate. You’re getting 20% more business – we want a 5% re-cut. They settle at 3% (and Abby gets a ride in the big rig)

Nick and Adam butt heads in Victor’s office – though Vikki is a common problem (who listens outside with a smirk) Yes, Nick’s expecting a fight from Vikki – every step of the way.

Faith’s visit done, Sharon now sits across from Victor. She sympathizes, knowing what it’s like to be locked up. It must be harder with Nikki in the hospital. What!? No one told Victor that.

Back at CL’s, Dylan assures Avery that he believes her, but without evidence it’ll be hard. He goes to make some phone calls – if any customers come in, tell them I’ll be right back. Avery’s left to remember that Dylan keeps a gun locked away under the counter (which she’s soon looking at)

Next: Marco Anaselli – do you know him? Noah asks Marisa (who drops her knife) … Abby returns with Chelsea – what’s this? A closed door meeting without your new COO? Vikki, Billy and Nick turn to look at her … Phyllis feels Jack’s hand twitch and jerk her head up. Jack? Baby can you hear me?!

My Thoughts: Oh right – Chris was date-raped by Derek Stuart decades ago. He was convicted but he killed himself before going to prison for years if I recall correctly. Ever the lucky girl, Chris was then stalked and kidnapped by Mike, but that didn’t stop her from becoming his partner and fiance. Weird to hear Paul and Chris discussing rape, because he too (arguably) raped Chris. At the very least, it wasn’t exactly consensual; Chris said ‘no’ several times. Paul all but admitted it, but she obviously forgave him … It makes absolutely no sense that a fashion designer would attend a meeting to discuss a shipping contract … Odd that Sharon, a week after dumping her medication, is now more like her old self than she’s been in a long time. Why couldn’t the writers have her behave like a normal person while she WAS taking her medication? It’s a bit too soon, so I don’t want to jinx it, but it looks like she’s finally over her obsession with Nick (who’s hardly worthy of it) Note how her attitude has trickled down to Faith – she’s hasn’t done any whining about Sage living with her and Daddy (which is also a bit odd) ….. Dylan may be allowed to keep a firearm at CL’s, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea (as evident by Avery easily finding the key and accessing it)