Tuesday, July 7th

Adam’s talking shop with Chelsea and Abby when Nick arrives. Costume party? he quips. Nick’s the only one in the room experienced in running a corporation this size. We do it above board – no games. Drop your resume off, Adam shrugs him off. As COO, Abby can hire whomever she wants – can you start today? I just did, Nick says.

Paul dismisses Joe and his trouble-stirring lawyer. See you in court, Joe and Sherman slither out. As Paul scolds Dylan, Chris arrives saying that smug jerk’s discussing lawsuits. We need extra bodies on this case, she says (agreeing with Dylan – Avery’s word is good enough for her too) Dylan leaves (warned to ignore Joe)

Told to go sharpen some pencils, Nick needs to see all recent acquisitions etc. As the ladies and Adam file out of the office, Nick’s left to meet the gaze of his Father’s portrait.

At the park, Faith’s pouting over Grandpa – the kids say he shot Kyle’s Dad. Did he do it? Sharon confides that Grandpa admitted it – but says he was only protecting himself. Not everyone believes Grandpa. But Daddy does. Yes, of course Sharon needs to stay safe too – so she can be with Faith. Can we please go see him? she pleads. I need to see Grandpa.

In an interrogation room, Victor asks for an update on his friend Jack – he’s learned that people help you if you help them in return. Get my drift? Good, he says when the cop nods.

Seated at the club, Adam coaches his new COO on how to handle her upcoming meeting. Chelsea and Abby send Adam off – we’ve got this. Abby pulls rank with Chelsea, who hisses at her to shut up as she blathers on to who she assumes is a waiter standing behind her. Alas, the man says Abby will have to wash lemons herself; he’s there re: a 5 million dollar contract. Forcing a smile, Abby emits an embarrassed sigh.

In Victor’s office, Vikki’s also surprised to find Nick in a suit, further surprised that Abby hired him (and ‘Gabe’ OK’d it) Giving her brother a hug, Vikki doesn’t have a problem with that at all – the Abbott’s just lost any shot at taking over our company.

Victor shakes the officer’s hand – appreciating that he’s able to take his meeting NOT wearing a scary jumpsuit. He’s surprised when Sharon arrives (assuming Nick had arranged Faith’s visit) Victor will make the visit as comfortable as possible. Sharon knows – Faith believes in you. Sharon hopes she’s right to allow this visit. Victor appreciates it and will never forget that Sharon made it possible.

Chris prattles on about what a good witness Avery will be. She’s a lawyer – Paul’s not surprised (and wonders if Chris being raped by Derek Stuart years ago is clouding her judgment) We can’t get a conviction with no evidence. Paul doesn’t believe Joe Clark did this.


Dylan startles Avery at CL’s – perhaps coffee isn’t the best things of her nerves. With Chris on her side, Avery’s optimistic Joe will be arrested soon. Dylan’s not so sure; Paul isn’t onboard and Joe’s suing them both. That’s not how this is supposed to work, Avery’s alarmed.

Mr Ritinski takes a seat, wondering if Abby and Chelsea are interns. No, I’m COO, Abby sniffs (while Chelsea makes a lame joke) Mr Ritinski isn’t impressed with the JR Execs (but is thrown off guard when Abby turns the tables) They can get another trucking company, but what she really wants to talk about is a ride in his 18 wheel big rig (to which Chelsea rolls her eyes; she can’t believe it’s working)

Back in Victor’s office, Vikki and Nick discuss Mom. Then it’s on to Gabe. We have to play along (per Victor’s instructions) Vikki suggests they distract him by squabbling – Gabe will want to drive a wedge between them; divide and conquer. Spotting Gabe in the doorway, Nick starts the bickering. You’re officially no better than Gabe, Vikki marches out faux-pissed.

In the interrogation room, Victor gushes over Faith – who asks when they can go horseback riding. Soon – Grandpa did nothing wrong. I knew it, Faith gives him a hug. Newman’s stick together, no one comes between us, Victor gives Faith a kiss.

At the club’s bar, Joe gripes about patrons gossiping about him (telling David Sherman that three months ago, he was presenting Avery with an award in this room) I’m tried and convicted in the public eye, he’s pissed. Sherman suggests Joe go back to Chicago. No – GC is where Joe gets his revenge.

Chris knows they have to look in all directions, and realizes she may not be thinking clearly (same as Avery) With a hug, the Williams’ go over that night; still not seeing eye to eye. Rape is about power – Joe would want Avery to know it was him. But what if he wanted to push her over the edge? Chris suggests.

Sure enough, Avery looks like she’s on the edge – Joe’s going to get away with this. My life is over – he goes free. She appreciates Dylan’s concern but is sure Sharon’s not happy about that. Avery’s annoyed to hear that Sharon’s worried about her too. If you want to worry about someone, worry about Joe, she snaps.