Friday, August 7th

Hilary has a private word with Devon – he’s been different since the bachelor party. Devon makes lame excuses – he’s stressed out with all the planning. Giving the woman of his dreams a dream wedding is a lot of pressure.

Downstairs, Lily thanks Cane for changing his mind on full custody. Being civil in the same room is a good step. Yes, Cane will go to the wedding (which Lily also appreciates)

Nikki worries about going back to the ranch – she loves Victor – wants a life with him – but she’s not ready yet. Don’t be guilted, Neil warns she’ll fall off the wagon. YOU tell HIM how it’s gonna be. Don’t worry about his reaction.

Victor reminds Ashley that the Abbott’s set him up as embezzling. Ashley wasn’t totally onboard with that. Sure she wishes the Abbott’s had Jabot – hates that Jack was shot, but she’s not plotting against Victor – do you believe me or not?!

Depressed , Ben leaves a message on Abby’s chirpy voicemail. Never mind – see you when you get home from conquering the world,

I know you. Lily’s not buying that Devon’s cool. She’s not interrogating – she’s concerned – second thoughts about marrying Hilary? Talk to me. Devon confesses – there was a girl at his bachelor party. He’s torn up about what happened that night.

On the rooftop, Hilary asks Cane what happened at the bachelor party – Devon hasn’t been himself since. Cane left when the girls got there. Collin’s doing, he explains – Devon wasn’t into it. Cane’s sure Devon will settle down. Hilary’s left to worry. Along comes Neil – he overheard Cane and would like to shed some light on the subject.

Neil assures Hilary that Devon will be fine. Awkward, Hilary leaves saying she has some bridal jitters. Excuse me, she hurries off.

Devon relays what he remembers to Lily – Cane and Mike left; one of the girls lead him into a bedroom – next thing, he woke up in bed with her. Lily has no right to judge. Devon can’t believe it – he loves Hilary. What if she drugged you? Devon has no proof that he didn’t have sex with her. Perhaps he should tell Hilary the truth – pray she understands.

Ashley finds Ben moping on the rooftop; the patient he was treating died. Ashley’s so sorry. That stuff about coming full circle was a load of crap – Ben’s not sure he should be a doctor at all.

Back at the Milwaukee suite, Vikki praises Abby on telling Victor’s rags to riches story. We make a great team. You proved yourself Abby. Both are eager to tell Victor – but perhaps not that he’ll want them to work together more.

Ashley and Victor continue to argue about what she knows about the Paragon Project. What did I just walk in on? Nikki asks (passing Ashley) Victor – who wants to focus on ‘us’. Nikki isn’t ready yet – doesn’t mean she doesn’t love Victor but needs more time apart. Don’t try to manipulate me – is that understood?