Friday, August 7th

Victor’s talking about donating to some charity – but understands why Niki would assume otherwise. Thanks you Nikki says. Come back home, Victor pleads. Nikki needs to know she won’t slip – not sure how long that takes. I miss you, Victor tears up ~hug~

Abby tells Vikki that Ben left her a message. Vikki doesn’t need to leave – she’ll call him back later. he told her not to worry about it. Did you guys have meaningful conversations? Did Ben talk about himself? Abby wonders. Yes he talked about Max – not much about the army – but survivors guilt. He won’t open up to me, Abby announces – and she doesn’t tend to ask

Ben basically tells Ashley that he can’t talk to Abby (not the way he talks to Ashley)

Devon doesn’t want to start his marriage off with lies and secrets. But look at me and Cane – he tried to take the kids from me. Your situation’s different – maybe you didn’t even cheat. On cue, of course, Hilary appears to wonder what they’re talking about.

When Abby questions if she’s the right woman for Ben, Viikki tells her to go home and be that woman.

After Nikki backs away from Victor’s kiss, he calls the housekeeper – forget the food and flowers – Mrs Newman won’t be coming home after all tonight.

Neil fantasizes about showing Hilary the video on his phone of Devon with the hooker (furious, she calls the wedding OFF) Cane comes along to ask Neil if everything’s OK. It will be, he assures.