Wednesday, October 21st

Chelsea shoves her phone in a jogger’s face – have you seen this little boy!? I’ve got him, Billy brings Connor over – he was by the duck pond. Billy blames himself. No, it’s my fault for taking my eyes off him, Chelsea goes on about it being a parent’s responsibility – if you take your eyes off them for one minute it’s your fault. OMG – sorry, I didn’t mean…. Right, Billy looks sad.

Back in the interrogation room, Jack and Adam are both glad he came clean at Delia’s memorial. Jack doesn’t think he should have to pay for the rest of his life. Billy? He’s blinded by grief. I killed that little girl – it’s time for me to pay, Adam insists he DID fight – for one more night with his family. And that’s enough? Jack’s surprised. It has to be.

Victor greets Luca in Spanish – why are you and your wife still here? Noah asked me to look for Marisa’s daughter, he adds. Victor will look after him – you look after your wife (who appears at the bottom of the stairs) Be careful with my grandson, he tells Luca (as Marisa watches) he’s a Newman – just remember that.

In Paul’s office, Chris and Mike debate Adam’s level of guilt. Homicide by negligent operation – 5 years max, Mike requests. Billy and Chloe lost a child, Chris reminds. But Adam’s a Father, he didn’t come forward because of his son, Mike argues. No, Chris disagrees – Adam didn’t come forward because he’s Adam.

Adam wishes he’d stayed in Paris – revenge against Victor, releasing Paragon; it ruined his chance at a happy ending with Chelsea. Mike returns – Chris rejected his offer. Jack wishes Adam luck. I’ll need it, Adam replies.

At the club’s bar, Marisa and Luca are laughing as they alternate retelling a story from their past (the last time he gave her pearls – and she arrived in the ballroom wearing nothing but) Noah comes in the revolving door – glares – and goes back out.

Brushing past the press in front of the courtroom, Ashley growls at Phyllis – Jack went to see Adam didn’t he!? After Vikki leaves a message for Billy, Victor comments to her about Billy’s rage. Arriving, Jack’s given grief by Kevin (not happy that Jack protected Adam who should rot in prison) Jack takes a seat beside Chelsea as Billy joins Vikki. Ready to do this? Chris asks him. Ready, Billy meets Adam’s eyes.

Now at Underground, Mariah asks Noah if he told Marisa that Kevin agreed to help find her daughter. Noah grumbles that Marisa’s having a great time at the club with Luca while he’s busting his ass to find her daughter. She’s wearing expensive jewelry and drinking champagne. Mariah’s sure she’s pretending – talk to her. When Noah continues to ignore Marisa’s call, Mariah sends her a text saying he’s at Underground.

Chris goes back to the night Delia was killed. Billy tells the jury that she was in a Halloween play – she was the star of the show; happy and very alive. Afterwards, he stopped for ice cream, leaving Delia in the car with Dash. When Billy came back 2 minutes later …. they were both gone. In tears, Billy relays finding Delia laying at the side of the road – holding her; pleading with her to hold on until the ambulance came. It’s my fault. Chris requests a recess – Mr Abbott doesn’t know what he’s saying. Yes, Billy does – this is my fault. Adam stands – no, it was an accident. You can’t blame yourself for this.

The Judge orders Adam to sit. Is Mr Abbott able to continue? Yes. This is my fault, Billy insists to a frustrated Chris. Of course he loves his daughter. But someone’s to blame. He told himself it was Adam’s fault – but it’s wrong, and it doesn’t help. Billy’s so angry. He feels numb. The only way he (and Delia) will have peace is if he forgives Adam – we all must. All are emotional.