Wednesday, October 21st

When Noah comes out from the back, Mariah tells him ‘don’t be dumb’ and leaves Marisa to assure Noah that she’s staying in a different room. Her laughter was an act. No, the marriage wasn’t always bad – but this is who Luca is now. Victor won’t help us. Noah’s found somebody. Marisa leaps into his arms – thank you! I love you. You’re the only man I want to be with. Make love to me! Noah gives her a kiss.

Mike addresses the jury – Delia and Adam crossed paths in a way neither had control over – it ended in a deadly encounter. In an unimaginable stroke of bad luck; Adam was in the exact spot, the exact moment Delia ran into the road. It was tragic, but an accident. Billy said it was his fault. Adam’s suffered every day – what good would it do to destroy a family? You heard Delia’s Father ask you to forgive Adam Newman. Chris takes her turn – a little girl is dead. The man that killed her and left her to die by the side of the road and covered up his actions HAS to pay. Billy walks out.

Noah and Marisa make out in the back office at Underground.

Paul praises Chris on a job well done, then steps into the hallway (where Vikki’s looking for Billy) Hearing Jack praising Billy for not blaming Adam, Kevin jumps up to say he should; Billy was out of his mind with grief – the jury knows that. Aside, Chelsea tells Vikki what transpired at the park. Is Vikki sorry Billy said what he did? Vikki just hopes Billy’s not sorry. In the courtroom, Adam and Billy’s eyes meet for a long stare – the jury has reached a verdict.

Next: Dylan tells Joe that Lily’s standing by her husband – do them a favour, stay out of it …. Paul shows up at Cane’s with a search warrant… Billy tells everyone that the jury’s reached a verdict. Already? Jack’s surprised.

My Thoughts: Not much to make fun of today. As great as the acting was between Billy and Adam, I can’t help but wonder how it would have been with the previous actors they replaced. Still, an outstanding job…. Marisa and Luca were meeting for breakfast; why is she in a long evening dress? And drinking champagne? Who drinks champagne within a half hour of waking up? And it doesn’t look like she was ‘pretending’ when Luca was breathing down her neck, literally…. She said she’s live with Luca, if she didn’t want to impress him, she should be wearing sweats, not looking like the hot, sexy girl Kevin went on a rant about. Mariah’s not doing Marisa or Noah a favour by trying to keep them together, she’s annoyed that Kevin basically just described Mairsa as everything Mariah is not (never mind that it’s exactly what Mariah was supposed to be when she first appeared in GC wearing mini skirts and stilettos – as she skulked about stalking Tyler and tormenting Abby) … Chris is an idiot – had she accepted Mike’s offer to have Adam plead guilty to a lesser charge, he would have spent at least some time behind bars. What IS the charge anyway? I recall Adam pleading not guilty (so he could get bail) He IS guilty, being sorry doesn’t change that. But what he did deliberately is cover it up after the fact… Knowing that Marisa tattles everything to Noah, why would Victor make such a show of talking to Luca? (thereby making his involvement even more obvious)