Tuesday, November 10th

At the park, Gwen updates Dr Sketchy – if Hilary regains her memory we might all go to prison. Unlikely, Dr Sketchy knows that none of the clowns at GCM can complete Hilary’s treatment. As Hilary might recognize him, Dr Sketchy needs Gwen to finish for him (with this bottle of pills)

Neil asks Hilary if the album triggered her memory. Yes – Hilary remembers – the wedding – the honeymoon. I remember you – you were there.

At the club, Vikki worries that Nick and Sage’s marriage won’t endure this (ours didn’t) Not the marriage – but our love did, Billy points out. Vikki’s impressed with his attitude towards Victor. It’s for you, Billy wants to start a new life with Vikki ~kiss~ Or maybe it’s a set up – so you can crush Newman once and for all.

Nikki doesn’t appreciate Jack and Phyllis’ warning and points out that Victor has an uncanny way of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

Of course Adam’s upset – he sympathizes with Nick and Sage. Victor thinks it more than sympathy.

At the nurses station, Nick picks up Christian’s certificate of death and has a break down. Sage watches him sobbing on the floor.

Adam won’t apologize for grieving Nick and Sage’s loss. Victor thinks Adam knows that Christian was his child – wasn’t he?


Next: Take it easy, Dylan says. Devon’s pissed that someone messed with his wife’s mind – she’s not even the same woman I married … Sage has something to tell Faith. About Christian? Yes … Chelsea rejoins Victor and Adam- am I interrupting?

My Thoughts: While I have no interest in the character of Kyle, it’s ridiculous that there’s been no mention of his whereabouts. It’d be even more ridiculous if he pops up in a few weeks saying he was on business.. And why wasn’t Christian’s Aunt Abby at the service? She’s probably already in the hospital boring Ben with bridal magazines …. Why would Paul be looking for someone ‘acting very strangely’ at GCM? Even worse that he asks the only guy who’s acting very strangely. Why is Paul still investigating a crime that may not even have happened? Even IF Hilary was pushed off a cliff, I’m pretty sure British Virgin Island is outside Paul’s jurisdiction. Why does Neil want Hilary to remember anything? As it stands, there’s no active investigation, no crime, and no need for Neil to worry about anything. He’s in more trouble if Hilary does remember. She might be able to clear him from pushing her over a cliff, but he should be on the hook for at least kidnapping, and obstruction of justice. Never mind how pissed everyone’s going to be – and that he’d be suspect #1 in setting Cane up .. As heartbreaking as Nick’s grief was today, I couldn’t help but chuckle when he almost sent the nurse’s station flying down the hall. Couldn’t they have nailed it to the floor? .. So was Christina Adam’s child? If so, he’s continuing to lie to Chelsea – Sage was lying to Nick – and it’s going to cause a lot more trouble when it’s revealed that Christian is alive (and will have been raised by Sharon for the first few weeks or months of his live; however long they decide to drag it out) … How can Vikki possibly move on with Billy if she doesn’t trust that he’s not out to destroy her company and family? .. Has Nikki fallen off the wagon? I can’t think of any other explanation for her defending the creep she’s married to.