Tuesday, November 10th

At the club, Devon again mentions Gwen’s comment (on the hell she and Neil went through to get Hilary back safe) Gwen just meant the hell Neil went through. She loves Neil and would do anything for him. Just how far would you go? Devon asks. Neil appears to say he’s figured out the key to restoring Hilary’s memory. It’s not a ‘what’ – it’s a ‘who’.

As the nurse goes to fetch Dr Shelby for Paul, the Chief bumps into Dr Sketchy – do I know you? Hold on – your deliveries can wait. GCPD – mind if I ask you a few questions?

Nick’s angry and confused – Christian Andrew Newman. Christian is a family name – Andrew means brave. He was a warrior – he fought every second of his life. We’re here to honour his brief time here on earth. I’ll never forget him. All heads turn to follow Nick’s eyes – as a robe clad Sage appears.

Pausing to squeeze Victor’s shoulder, Sage joins Nick and thanks all for coming – and for Vikki’s help. Through tears, Sage is grateful they’re all here. All look devastated as Sage turns to weep in Nick’s arms.

Paul asks the delivery man if he’s noticed anyone acting ‘very strangely’. Dr Sketchy just delivers flowers – can I leave? Paul hands over his card – if you remember anything, give me a call.

Hilary opens a box that she first assumes Neil’s left in her suite – her and Devon’s wedding album. She flips through a few pages of happy photos.

Neil instructs Devon to go up and knock on Hilary’s door right now. You’re the only one who can help her. Now alone with Gwen Neil confides that he can’t go on like this. Did you realize you want Hilary? Gwen bleakly wonders.

This has been hard on both of us – we can’t doubt each other, Neil sent Devon up to trigger Hilary’s memories. The truth will set us all free (that Neil didn’t push Hilary off the cliff)

Hilary lets Devon in – you left that album didn’t you. Yes – he did. Hilary doesn’t have those feelings anymore. Devon thinks she feels guilty for hurting Neil (which he does too) He’ll leave the album – look at it on your own time. Try to remember the love and happiness that’s on every page. Now alone, Hilary opens the album, but it’s a photo of Neil that captures her interest.

The service over, hugs are exchanged; condolences offered. Victor and Billy agree on the importance of family. Dylan does have good news about his baby – it’s a boy. After Paul leads Dylan out, a cop comes in to tell Adam it’s time to go. As Victor encourages Adam (an appeal is underway) Jack can’t understand why he doesn’t see that they’re in this together (Paragon hit both their companies) Victor is NOT interested in Jack’s help. Talk some sense into him, Jack stage-whispers to Nikki (who sniffs that Jack must be up to something)

How does Nick not fall apart? He’s trying to be strong for Sage (despite his pain) Sage will go gather her things while Nick signs paperwork. She leaves him looking bereft.

In Adam’s room, Chelsea gets Adam to relay confiding their miscarriage to Sage. He’s so sorry for her; it’s tragic. As Chelsea goes to see about some sleeping pills, Victor appears – we both know why you’re so upset.

Paul thinks Hilary’s the most bizarre tox screen he’s ever seen. Dylan guesses right – someone was trying to wake Hilary up from a coma. And Dr Shelby says it was a specialist; a damn good one.

Getting a text from Paul, Devon leaves. Neil’s about to leave for GCM too when Hilary calls to ask that he come back up to her suite – she’s remembered something.

With Paul and Dr Shelby, Dylan sums it up for Devon – finding out who treated Hilary might lead to who was hiding her – and be the key to unlocking her memory.