Monday, December 14th

At CL’s, Dylan tells Ben that he married Sharon the other night. Ben congratulates him – then pouts. The only thing he’ll get for Christmas is his engagement ring back.

Abby marches into the club to confront her Mom for lying about Stitch’s ‘almost last words’. He said he loved you – not me. Now it’s YOUR turn to be honest. Do you love Ben?

Nikki’s caused too much damage herself while under the influence to judge Billy. When you’re ready, there’s help out there. The only help Billy needs is Vikki at his side. No, Nikki can’t convince her to take him back – again. Billy will find a way to make it up to everyone he’s hurt. Good luck – Victor appears to tell Billy Boy that he’s single-handedly brought his family to it’s knees.

YOU did this to my family, Billy claims. Victor disagrees – you destroyed your family instead of mine. YOU’RE responsible for their downfall. Merry Christmas, Billy bids Vikki (she and Nikki are speechless as Victor bites into a gingerbread man that he assumes was made for Billy)

In Ashley’s office, Jack knows he couldn’t clear his conscience at Phyllis’ expense. I love you and our life together. Revealing the truth may have ruined that. Phyllis feels terrible that it cost him so much. It’s fine, Jack assures with a hug.

Who does Sully look more like, Mommy or Dylan? Faith chirps. Sharon asks Nick – who’s not sure; he’ll get the best from both his parents.

Back at CL’s, Dylan asks about Ben’s feelings for Ashley – he’s rooting for him and Abby to be happy – but you can’t turn those feelings off for Ashley. Ben’s made his choice; Abby – now she has to make here.

At the club, Ashley insists she was happy for Abby. So happy you wanted to push us down the aisle. Why? Do you feel guilty? OK – Ashley will tell the truth ….

Ashley explains – she and Ben said some things, but we thought we were going to die. We care about each other – you and Ben love each other; the kind of love that can last a lifetime. It’s right there in front of you – grab it. Yes, Ashley’s motive is for Abby to be happy. Ben loves you – he can make you happy. Damn right I will, Ben appears to say.

When Nick arrives at Vikki’s with Faith, she’s greeted by her grandparents. Nikki can’t believe Victor’s going to pretend a bomb just didn’t go off in this room. Nick wonders what’s going on. Victor announces a business coup. That’ll bankrupt Jabot, Nikki adds. Mike arrives with paperwork, so Victor won’t pull another questionable move. Cookie? Victor offers.

At Jabot, Jack doesn’t want to talk business (he’d rather kiss Phyllis) Billy interrupts – yes he heard and is sorry for his part. Part? It was your big idea. Jack scolds him – you outdid yourself this time – our Father is rolling in his grave, all thanks to you.