Monday, December 14th

Ashley told Abby that the only thing they share is their love for Abby (who doesn’t know how much more honesty she can take) In that fire, Ben realized how much he wanted to live – with Abby. After Ashley leaves, Ben apologizes – no more secrets – only honesty, love, bubbles and mint chocolate chip ice cream. OK, Abby will marry Ben ~kiss~

Billy will make this up to Jack. Half a billion? Pack up your office and get out of this building! Jack bellows. You’ll always be an Abbott, but you’ll never work in this building again. You’ve hurt this family, this company for the last time little brother. Don’t follow him, he orders Phyllis. But he just wanted someone to talk to. It doesn’t always have to be YOU, Jack growls.

Billy’s responsible for all this, Victor says as Mike packs up – he doesn’t have the stomach to stay for a drink. Give Lauren my best, Victor’s ignored. After Mike slams out, Victor explains that he and Mike are on different sided – but we respect each other. Nick’s not so sure about that. Victor then gets an alert on his phone. The money’s being transferred – time to celebrate.

In the park, Ashley gets a call – so the money’s been transferred. She then seems to get a splitting headache, loses her balance – then passes out in the snow.


Next: Hilary in the background, Dr Neville tells ‘Mr Winters’ that the world is changing. What I need is a grateful and motivated investor. .. I’m your wife. We exchanged vows. But you didn’t even make it to our wedding night! Phyllis shouts at Jack…. The Abbott’s have conceded defeat. Victor is ours, Victor drops by the penthouse to shock Chelsea and Adam.

My Thoughts: Ben thinks he’ll get HIS engagement ring back? As lame as that sounds, he’s legally right (according to Judge Judy anyway) and Abby’s got a whole lot more money than him – she can buy diamonds all day long…. Why does Jack tell Victor ‘You’ve got no idea what you’ve lost’. What has Victor lost? His family isn’t going anywhere (though no one seems eager to ‘celebrate’ this coup) If they’ve forgiven him all his other crap, I doubt a legal business deal will drive anyone away. The amount Victor sued the Abbott’s for is the same as what Abby sued him for (never mind that Nick and Vikki got half a billion too) She could easily bail out her family (now THAT would piss Victor off – but be a great solution; she could threaten to not let him walk her down the aisle) .. So much for Jack doing the right thing – I don’t blame him for blasting Billy, but he shouldn’t have done it in front of Phyllis. And it’s more than a bit hypocritical to reject Billy’s apology and tell Phyllis she doesn’t need to apologize – he understands her need for revenge on Victor. So why can’t Jack understand Billy’s need for revenge on Victor?