Wednesday, December 16th

Now alone with Sully, Sharon blathers about how happy she is to be Sully’s Mom.

I’m not going anywhere, Nick reassures. Stop talking, Sage says – as she hugs him.

Billy’s on the phone again. He came in last? How is that possible – he had a great jockey. No, no more today. Chelsea arrives at the club – you’re gambling again? You don’t get a say – not since you started sleeping with ‘Gage’ – hope things work out for ya.

Marisa tells Luca that she broke up with Noah (because he called the feds) Luca relays being devastated when she left him. He forgave her a long time ago. His family made her miserable. He’d rather she be happy than with him out of obligation. Let’s not dwell on the past my love, Luca croons – as Marisa leans in to his body.

First step – Noah comes back to work at NE. He’s in (eager to make up for his mistakes) OK – Noah will be their liaison with Luca and Marisa – he’ll get inside information. They won’t suspect a nice, decent guy like me of being a threat. They won’t see it coming. I won’t let you down. You’re a chip off the old block, Victor welcomes ‘old boy’ back into the fold.


Next: Your job is to bring down Luca – and get the Santori family out of our business, Adam clarifies. Guess I’m officially Newman’s secret weapon, Noah says …. Chelsea appeals to Vikki – The kind of love you and Billy have is a rare thing. Isn’t he worth fighting for? … You already smell like booze, Abby’s at a bar with Billy. I’m celebrating, he says – Jack fired me.

My Thoughts: Sharon’s really come a long way – declaring Sage Faith’s stepmom – so much better than ‘the lady with no pants on’ …. Soooo, Adam’s more afraid of facing Chelsea’s wrath than Kevin is of facing Victor’s? He’s allowing himself to be blackmailed – while Kevin won’t be bullied at all by Billy? I guess Jack’s more cowardly than Kevin too (he’s being blackmailed into silence by both Phyllis and Victor) …. If Nick thinks he ‘made an ass’ of himself today, he’d be real impressed to see his son all but throwing himself to the floor and grasping onto Marisa’s ankles. And won’t Nick be happy when he hears he’s just lost two bartenders – both leaving Underground and going to work in the family business he’s just been ‘pushed out of’. That said, Marisa won’t be missed – she hasn’t worked since she took off for Spain … First Vikki dumps Billy, now Marisa dumps Noah. The lesson to be learned? Brush your damn teeth before running off to declare your undying love, especially after a night of drinking. ….. Sage’s back and forth is becoming tiresome. Just make a decision and stick with it (him) … Billy’s a horrible gambler. ‘How is that possible’ that your 60-1 horse came in last? It would be next to impossible for him to win – if your horse is 60-1 odds he’s just a few paces from the glue factory. Serious betters don’t bet on one horse tp win anyway – they bet trifactors n such. And they actually WATCH the race. And dude, like stop trying to talk like you’re a hip, young guy instead of a middle aged (failed) businessman … Understatement of the day goes to Nick – “a few years ago my Mom lost a baby with Jack’. A few years ago!? It was 1993 – over 20 years ago!