Wednesday, December 16th

Noah backpedals. The story he heard was just a rumour – sorry I wasted your time. You didn’t, the FBI has been investigating this family for years. Arriving, Marisa watches Noah shake agent Gigg’s hand.

Taking a seat in Victor’s office, Adam hovers as Luca says he’ll need an office with a view, and one for his assistant. Marisa is too bright to be a bartender. What’s this? A check – the Santori’s investment plus interest. It doesn’t work like that, Luca says. It works however Victor says it does.

When Marisa confronts Noah, Mariah jumps in to say he didn’t tell them anything. Sending Mariah off, Noah tells Marisa that she can’t trust her gun running husband – he’s been lying to you. I can’t trust YOU anymore, Marisa quits – she’s going to work for Luca.

The devil is always in the details – each party has a 3 day window to back out, Victor tells Luca to talk to his lawyers. No lawyers, WE’RE talking, Luca says. No, Victor’s doing the talking – YOU listen. He’s not doing business with the Santori’s. But my Father wants to be involved in day to day operations. Too bad – only Newman’s run day to day operations. When Luca hopes Adam will be the voice of reason, Adam says his Father IS the voice of reason.

When Chelsea confides that Sage moving across the hall was Adam’s idea, Nick wonders why he cares where she lives. Doesn’t that bother you? Yes, she’s concerned about him working with Victor again – but everything will work out in the end. Maybe for Adam, not for me, Nick mopes.

You’re so good with Sully – Sage doesn’t want Sharon (or anyone) to treat her like a delicate flower. Want to hold him? Baby in hand, Sage thinks it time she introduce herself. I’m … I’m ….. Sage? Sharon looks concerned as Sage falters.

His eyes are so beautiful – I’m your Aunt Sage. He likes you, Sharon tells Sage that she’s still a Mother – you have a son in heaven. Move on, but don’t forget about that part of your life. I think he has his Father’s eyes, Sage examines Sully.

We own a piece of you – no contract or lawyer will change that, Luca says – let me know when those offices are ready. Don’t forget your scarf, Adam says at the door. Impertinent little fellow, isn’t he? Victor then calls Senior Santori – we have something to discuss.

On the patio, Billy NEEDS this – Vikki kicked him out – he has court appointed visitation with his kids. Kevin’s selling to the highest bidder. This isn’t a lottery ticket or a quick fix for you. Your life’s a mess. Billy should clean up, like Kevin did. Nothing personal. A disappointed Billy exits.

Noah and Marisa continue to argue. Her lies were to protect Noah – you lashed out at my husband. A real man admits his mistakes. Your idea of a real man is Luca!? Give me a break! We’re done, Marisa says. No stay, Noah pleads, then ignoring Mariah, goes after his beloved.

Merrily humming the Nutcracker as she strides through the park, Sage bumps into Nick. It’s not coincidence – he tracked her down after making an ass of himself banging on her door. He’s glad she had a nice time with Chelsea – and with Nikki. Nick knows she needs space. Space can be very lonely, Sage says.

At the club, Billy’s on the phone making a 60-1 bet that will pay 3 million. Can you cover it? I have a good feeling about this one.

Pouting on her bed, Marisa flashes back to fun times with Noah. Luca comes knocking. Are you alright? No. Do you want to be alone? No. In he comes.

Noah bursts into Victor’s office to say he didn’t tell the FBI anything about the Santori’s. Adam explains that they’re trying to end their deal with the Santori’s. Why is Noah being told this? Because Adam has an idea – and it involves Noah.