Monday, December 21st

Updated on the conversation, Sharon tells Dylan that he’s not the same man (who took Connor) He thanks Chelsea’s forgiveness for that. When someone believes in you, it’s a gift. Sharon knows – where would she be without Dylan’s support. Sully gave us both a second chance, Dylan concludes.

Jack wants to trust Billy – but he must prove himself, with actions, not words. Do it for YOU (Vikki and the kids) He’d love to see Billy clean up his act – can you do it? Billy will give it everything he’s got.

Vikki and Abby clink glasses with Nikki (who won’t let Victor ruin Christmas, even if it means celebrating without him)

Chelsea notes that Adam’s a bit off – did something happen with Victor? Yes, he opened up to me – why he’s working so hard. Yes, he’d have stayed if Victor asked him to. He told me to go home and be with my family – but he needs me right now.

Victor swivels to look at all the framed photos behind his desk. And now it’s back to work – alone.

Next: I was thinking – maybe I should come over and stay the night…. Ashley? Are you alright? Gwen watches as Dr Neville notices that Ashley has her eyes closed in a meeting … You’re no longer welcome at Newman Enterprises! Victor bellows at Luca (with Marisa) You have a deal with the Santori’s, Luca reminds. Victor doesn’t give a damn about the Santori’s – I’m talking about my grandson.

My Thoughts; Phyllis sure talks a lot about family for a woman who hasn’t seen her son in years; since before she fell into a coma actually. Nice to hear her mention Daniel, but I guess she’s forgotten all about Lucy…. And she couldn’t keep cleaning up Daniel’s ‘messes’? I guess she forgets all the messes she’s made that needed cleaning up (like Kevin rolling up Dr Tim’s body in a carpet and disposing of it) … Sharon never believed the ‘bad boy act’? Huh? It’s nice that she forgave Adam for stealing Faith (putting her in Ashley’s hands for her first 6 months) – to the point that she married him. But didn’t put on a ‘bad boy act’ – he was a monster …. Sharon’s issues clearly aren’t behind her. There was no reason for her to become so insecure over Chelsea… What?! Connie’s not at her desk. I’m so shocked (she hasn’t been at her desk for 20 years)