Monday, December 21st

Sharon worries with Chelsea about the men they love (Nick, Noah, Adam) working for Victor, but concludes that things work out as they’re meant to. I think it just did, Santa strolls in ‘ho ho ho’.

Jack wants to focus on Phyllis; not Billy (who needs to grow up and take responsibility for his actions) Phyllis talks about cleaning up Daniel’s messes. Jack hates that he had to lay off employees (who have families, mortgages) Billy can’t get a free pass. Phyllis wonders if Jack’s willing to forgive Billy.

Vikki and Abby hiss quietly about Dad working them over the holidays. Across the room, Noah’s praised for being the only one not to complain. Nikki arrives to scold Victor – Christmas is around the corner. You know what happened to Scrooge. The lights go off and on – it’s a warning, Nikki decides.

Jack may not cut Billy out of his life, but he’s cutting him off his trust fund. My Father would be so disappointed in him. Phyllis asks Jack to support his brother – you’re all he’s got – Vikki cut him off – what if I abandoned you instead of helping you detox? Billy needs someone to save him. Go find him and bring him back before he freezes to death. Jack exits.


Sharon snaps photos of Connor and Faith on Santa’s knee – as Dylan and Chelsea have a nice chat. Her happiness is all that matters. Chelsea will always regret letting Dylan think Connor was his. Dylan’s sorry he freaked out and took Connor when he found out. Sometimes it seems too good to be true. No, not this time, Chelsea covers his hand (a gesture Sharon doesn’t appreciate)

Making a call, Victor updates that they’re doing wiring on the top floor. Nikki came to discuss celebrating Christmas together, but obviously work is more important. Didn’t us almost dying in the fire teach you anything? Victor scowls at Nikki – you bet he’s focused on rebuilding NE. You and my children live the lives you do because I work hard! Enough, Nikki says and leaves Victor to huff (as Abby, Vikki and Noah squirm)

After the jolly Santa leaves, Chelsea bids everyone goodbye and leaves with Connor. Obviously not impressed, Sharon asks Dylan about his intense conversation with Chelsea.

Adam arrives at the office to hear that Abby and Vikki left (thanks to Nikki) Noah’s down in legal. Victor suggests Adam leave too – he can rebuild NE alone, in fact he prefers it that way. Adam looks disappointed.

Billy only came back for boots (not for another lecture from Jack) He rejects Phyllis’ coffee but would like a Scotch. Jack’s scared of the path Billy’s on – I haven’t seen you like this since …. Since Delia died? Billy agrees – he’s just as much of a mess as the night Delia died. It ALL came back as soon as Adam did. You don’t know… nobody does! I can’t do it, Billy can’t live through losing Delia again. Are you thinking of joining Delia? Jack worries.

At the club, Nikki tells Vikki and Abby not to let their Father take over their lives. Abby doesn’t feel right being excited about Ben when both of them are having trouble with their men. Neither wants Abby to feel guilty – they’re happy for Abby and Ben.

Adam tells Victor that he should take some time off – don’t run yourself into the ground young man. There’s plenty of cash to rebuild. Paragon is done. People depend on me, Victor wants to get back to work. Chelsea and Connor arrive to distract – hoping Adam could go home with them. Daddy’s going home with you, Victor chuckles as he hands Connor over.

Billy won’t do anything stupid – he wouldn’t do that to his kids. You always think the worst of me, he pouts – I’m not a bad Father. Jack knows that – but the tension between you and Vikki can’t be good for them. Phyllis thinks if Jack can forgive her, he should forgive Billy.