Tuesday, December 22nd

Dr Neville shows Ashley an interesting little compound he’s working on. She stops him from drinking it, then takes a gulp. Corriander and juniper berry, she detects. Yes, and seasonal food colouring. This stuff is damn good, they both drink (as someone watches through the glass doors)

Things are awkward as Cane helps Lily put presents beneath the tree. She’s disappointed when instead of kissing her, he says ‘let’s do tags’.

Devon tells his staff that he won’t be leaving after all – but everyone can go home early as planned. With a sigh, he then spots Hilary seated and reading a menu.

Marisa and Luca kiss their way into her suite, and onto the bed. If you don’t want this – if it’s happening too fast, he pulls away to say. Marisa is the aggressor – seems it can’t happen fast enough for her.

Billy’s always sorry, Vikki says. Jill relays that Jack’s giving him another chance – why can’t you? Look me in the eye and say you don’t love him. Sometimes love isn’t enough, Vikki says. That’s glib – what else is there? Jill asks, then leaves Vikki to think.

Victor continues to goad Billy – you’re bankrupt; financially and emotionally. Billy thinks Victor just as sad and lonely as he is (with just his portrait on the wall to keep him company)


Next: Mistletoe! the twins shout and point in unison. How did that get there? Lily asks. Magic, Neil says from the couch … I’m going to do whatever it takes to win you back. I’m going to do better, Billy vows to Vikki … Merry Christmas! dressed festively, Traci and the rest of the family barges into the cabin (to surprise a robe-clad Phyllis and Jack)

My Thoughts: Noah’s ‘not ready for this level of responsibility’? He hasn’t exactly done anything except show Luca and Marisa around – are they really that stupid? … If Billy doesn’t want to hear Victor’s insults, maybe he should avoid Victor’s office? There’s no reason Billy couldn’t have had a receptionist track Vikki down. She is a businesswoman in her place of business after all … Is this what Jill’s reduced to? Playing the overbearing mother in law? Since when is Vikki (or anyone) obligated to spend Christmas with their former spouse and children? I’m sure she missed many Christmases with Billy as he grew up … What’s up with Cane ignoring Jill? Are we expected to believe that he’s forgiven all Collin’s transgressions but is still pissed that Jill was a bossy boss? … Looks like Vikki’s the one drinking – she almost toppled out of the chair when trying to sit down (with Nikki) … Of course Noah meant for the cell phone to fall. Haven’t we all wanted to do that when well-meaning parents force us to look at photos of their children? ….Even if there were ‘fraternization guidelines’ at Newman, they wouldn’t apply to those investing in NE … Take any table you like, the waiter says to Devon (like he’s not the billionaire who owns him and the club)…. Great idea Nikki – throw a family Christmas Eve party in the city – so everyone can drive home after drinking; home to the compound 75% of them reside at. Surely there’s a room big enough in that custom built ranch to host everyone …. You’d think a doctor specializing in neurology would correct Ashley’s claim that a simple argument caused her headache.