Tuesday, December 22nd

Needing Neil to sign off on some purchase orders, Gwen smiles as she needles Hilary for playing a ‘small part’ by providing blood samples. When Neil defends Hilary, Gwen’s smile remains in place as she sashays off. She wants you bad, Hilary tells Neil.

Devon’s brought the twins’ gifts – he’s off to Miami. Lily needs her brother (and relays that Cane’s spending the night) She doesn’t want to make a fool of herself again.

Not believing that Billy’s drinking water (not vodka), Jill takes a sip. Billy had a good talk with Jack – life is worth living. I owe it to Delia not to succumb to my demons; Victor.

Victor comes out to snap at the bickering Noah, Luca and Marisa. You’re no longer welcome in this building! When Luca reminds of their deal, Victor clarifies – he’s talking about his grandson. The trio looks shocked.

You’re firing me!? Noah’s aghast. Victor has no choice. Luca and Marisa want to let it go – please. OK, Victor agrees – consider this pass your Christmas bonus. After Luca and Marisa leave, Victor explains that he just demonstrated that Noah’s the weak link – he massaged Luca’s ego with false respect. Noah then suggests Victor join him upstairs. And with a lame fist bump, Noah heads up to the party.

Still at the bar, Billy continues to sound like a new man (rejecting Jill pressuring him to go see Vikki) Across the room, Cane updates Collin that he’s staying at the house tonight. Collin’s confused; no talk of forgiveness or divorce. Cane’s confused too.

Upstairs, Devon doesn’t see why Cane and Lily won’t reconcile now that Joe’s out of the picture. If Neil can forgive, so can Cane. But can you forgive Hilary for having feelings for Dad? Lily wonders.

In the lab, Ashley asks Dr Neville how he came up with his life-saving protocol (and is disappointed to hear he pretty well winged it with Hilary)

Outside her suite, Marisa thanks Luca for saving Noah’s job. I know you still care about him, Luca’s about to leave her when Marisa asks him to come inside. He doesn’t want to push things – plus there’s fraternization guidelines to follow. When in doubt, follow your heart, he says (and is rewarded with a kiss)

Cane just wants to give his kids a great Christmas. Merry Christmas Dad, Cane all but ignores Jill (who updates Collin that Billy’s still in Vikki’s doghouse – for now) They toast to long shots – who’d have thought that theirs is the one marriage that’s lasted.

A different kind of disaster strikes at Top or The Towers – no punch bowl. Vikki goes to borrow one from the GCAC – as Nikki flashes back to a happier Christmas with Victor.

In his office, Victor thanks James, the security guard who drops by. He’ll be getting a nice bonus this year (for helping clear everyone during the fire) No, Victor’s not going to the shindig upstairs – too busy working.

Ashley continues to badger Neville – you CAN heal brains other than Hilary right? It can’t have been a ‘fluke’ – there are people depending on it. She wants to work through the night to perfect the process. OK – Neville thinks he has just the thing.

Now at the club, Hilary appreciates Neil being concerned that she not become a lab rat. And Neil thanks Hilary for having his back re: Gwen. He doesn’t want to send her mixed signals. Hilary asks him to spend Christmas Eve with her. Neil can’t – he’s going to Lily’s (but hopes Santa brings Hilary everything she asks for)

Nikki greets Noah; the first guest to arrive. Changing the subject away from his broken heart, Noah relays that he did try getting Grandpa to come tonight.

Jill accosts Vikki at the club’s bar – is Billy, your former husband, Father of your children, invited to your family party tonight? Vikki doesn’t want to list all the ways ‘your son’ has screwed up. Can you honestly blame me for wanting to cut him out of our lives? Yes – Jill can.

Billy drops by Victor’s office for some abuse. Are you looking for Vikki? To cry on her shoulders? Victor will tell Billy where she is when hell freezes over.