Tuesday, December 29th

Ben tells Victor that he loves Abby with all his heart (which is just what a Father likes to hear) And while Nick and Sage express concern about Noah working at NE – with Marisa and her husband, Mr and Mrs Santori arrive. Noah and Adam join them at the same time – then Victor comes along – what are you doing here? Get out – this is a family gathering.

Victor isn’t happy to hear that Adam invited the Santori’s and went to Abby. He’s just trying to make peace, Nikki placates Victor. At the bar, Adam and Luca grumble some more about their Daddy issues. We gotta take them down before they know what hit em. Noah knows coming to the wedding wasn’t Marisa’s idea – and he won’t stop saying I love (and when she sees Luca for who he is, he’ll be waiting right here)

Abby thanks everyone for helping her get ready. Group hug!

As Nick welcomes Ben to the Newman family, the Baldwin’s chat with Ashley (and now Lauren must go) Dr Neville and Ashley compliment one another. She hopes there’ll be no surprises tonight.


Jack reminds that Jabot’s in precarious shape. Billy promised the money tomorrow. Yes, he lost a bet. Jack can’t help. Billy wants to prove himself – this project will fix everything. No, Jack needs a prospectus, a business plan – something. Billy huffs off (also ignoring Phyllis) – I can’t deal with any of you! Time to take your places, Dylan announces.

Gil, the bookie, confronts Billy in the parking garage – it’s time to pay.

No way is Jack missing Abby’s wedding to go after Billy. Neil takes the last seat in the row, leaving Hilary to look over at Devon; who gestures for her to join him. Dylan leads Ashley down the aisle to join her siblings. Vikki comes down alone. Kevin gets a text from Natalie – do you have the money? Faith scatters petals. Marisa looks torn as she meets Noah’s eyes. Seated beside Devon, Hilary can’t take her eyes off Neil. Now comes Abby on Victor’s arm. As the Minister begins, Ashley pales and slumps over into the aisle, unconscious.

Next: Ash, it’s Ben – can you hear me? Ben? Ashley murmurs… Vikki tells Jack that Billy did tell her he had some irons in the fire. Those irons are probably horses that didn’t win, Jack scoffs …. We’re doing this NOW, Gil grabs Billy.