Tuesday, December 29th

Back at the Towers, Lily and Devon chat; Cane’s home sick too. Devon spent time with Hilary (as friends) They toast to things improving in 2016.

Faith misses Sully, so is delighted when Sage offers to drive her to see him tomorrow. The Baldwin’s arrive to nauseate Kevin with their kissing (they’re off to an event at Fenmore’s shortly)

Back at the bar, Billy doesn’t want to talk business – see you guys at the wedding. What’s really going on with him? Jack’s left to ask Phyllis.

Phyllis tells Jack that Billy’s working on a project – he’s taking his time. Jack’s glad he’s being cautious for once (then follows Ashley upstairs to express concern) Heading into the bride’s suite, she assures Jack she has everything under control.

Back at the Towers, Ben’s surprised Ashley invited Neville as her date. I’m an asset to any party, he jokes. You’re an asset alright – if you hurt Ashley you’ll answer to a lot of people, including me. Consider yourself warned.

Dylan and Nick chat about him reconnecting with Sage. Looks like everyone’s finally in a good place again (Nick looks over at Sage laughing with Sharon, Faith etc.)

Victor tells Noah not to worry – focus on getting rid of the Santori’s. See you upstairs.

Adam likes us, we’re working on a project together, Luca says. He’s a master of deceit, Marisa doesn’t trust him. Yes, but he hates his Father too. What better place to test the waters than at a family wedding?

Adam drops by the bride’s room to ask Abby to invite Luca and Marisa. Victor and Noah’s heads will explode. They’ll get over it. No one thinks it a good idea. Adam’s not trying to cause trouble – in fact, the opposite – he wants to move forward. This act of good faith could thwart another war. Nikki thinks it makes sense – she’ll handle Victor. Abby agrees – as long as they don’t cause trouble. After he leaves, Ashley has one more thing to deal with – and it can’t wait.

Kevin takes Billy aside – if Natalie doesn’t get the 2 million asap, you can kiss this opportunity goodbye. Victor arrives to scowl. Hilary and Neil greet Lily and Devon (who thinks Hilary looks beautiful) She’s here solo – Neil just gave her a ride. Ben comes over – yes, he’s marrying one helluva girl – cheers. Neil notices Devon and Hilary smiling at one another.

It’s time for something old, new, borrowed and blue (Colleen’s bracelet, Traci sniffles) More tears as Ashely gives Abby a handkerchief John gave her.

Worried he’ll miss a great opportunity, Billy goes to Jack for a loan. How much? 2.2 million.

Remembering that Nikki didn’t take it well when she found out Abby was Victor’s, Ashley thinks it incredible that they’re both here to watch her get married. And after all leave, Ashley gives Abby a few words of encouragement; Ben will love and support you no matter what life brings. Love you. Love you too ~hug~