Monday, January 4th

Jill comes out to update that they need to relieve the pressure on Billy’s brain – but can’t until he’s stable (a day or two) Billy has a 50/50 chance of surviving surgery. As all tear up, Vikki runs to Billy’s bedside to plead with him – come back to us. The kids need you. I Need you forever and ever – amen.

After Luca leaves, Adam assures Victor that the Santori’s will soon be out and NE will be in the hands of the man who deserves to run it. Victor chuckles.

Paul updates Kevin – there was no damage to Gil’s car. The tire treads didn’t match. Kevin’s to look for a match so we can nail the scum who did this.

Marisa tells Noah to change his tires – pay cash. It was an accident – you’re a good man. Marisa will help Noah in any way she can. We won’t get caught ~hug~ Of course Luca witnesses it.

At the penthouse, Vikki hugs Johnny – and the kiss is from your Dad – he loves you and will see you soon, she sniffles.

Jack hold the hands of Phyllis, Traci and Ashley as he prays for help for Billy. He’s fought for everything he believes in – has lost so much, but has much to live for; people who need him and want to wrap him in their love.


Next: It seems like you two are getting pretty close, Abby (with Ben) observes. I suppose, Ashley replies…. Billy is the perfect candidate for my protocol, Dr Neville tells Vikki. Do you think this method would work? she asks …. Kevin and Mariah eavesdrop as Paul questions Jack and Phyllis. Why would Billy place such a huge bet? Why would it be so important for him to win big? Why now???

My Thoughts: At least Vikki has nice manners; using the word ‘please’ twice when shouting at both Billy and Dr Shelby (who’s already ‘helping’ Billy so probably doesn’t need to be shouted to do so) …. Jill’s grief is understandable, but she’s wrong about Vikki not supporting Billy while he grieved for Delia – she tried; while he was busy turning to Kelly …. Why is Kevin being so cocky with a bookie who probably who should have no problem making bail? He’ll be lucky to make it home tonight …Where’s Christine? It’s not like her to miss a hit n run (the lowest form of scum since she’s twice been mowed down by a car) .. Noah’s an idiot – are we really going to recycle the exact same story – again with Victor keeping the ID of the driver secret? Will he blackmail Noah as he did Adam? Why would Noah listen to the grandfather he knows doesn’t act morally – did he not see how that worked out for Adam? Has ANY secret not come out eventually? Noah’s as exciting as watching paint dry – but must the only person with integrity be ruined?