Monday, January 4th

Jill continues to lash out at the Abbott’s always expecting the worst from Billy – he lowered himself to your expectations. She then turns on Nikki; who stood by Victor as he humiliated Billy, all while slamming vodka on the sly. And Vikki – Daddy’s girl who always chooses her Father over Billy. Then it’s Jack, Traci and Ashley. We love him, Phyllis says through tears – we know Billy’s heart – his struggles. Jill sobs in Phyllis and Ashley’s arms. All turn when Dr Shelby comes out.

Luca may be playing with fire, but he’s willing to take the heat (to oust his Father) He doesn’t care that it’s dangerous. Luca hates his Father and wants to make things right. He knows what Adam’s capable of, but can make this work. On cue, Adam appears to take Luca into Victor’s office. Luca needs a bit more time to gather dirt on his father. Do you have the dirt on Victor? Yes. OK – then make the first move – pull the trigger on Victor.

In Paul’s office, Gill’s shown a list of text messages between Billy and his Bookie (who uses a burner phone) Sounds like a dead end, Gil scoffs. In the corner, Kevin sends Gil a text (which goes off in his pocket) Don’t bother – it says ‘busted’, Kevin gloats.

Billy now stable but not out of the woods, Dr Shelby will allow visitors in one or two at a time. Heading off to make some calls, Nikki confirms for Jack that Victor’s source tells him Billy’s bookie did this. Jill then steps in to tell Dr Shelby that Vikki’s not Billy’s next of kin – she gave up the right to make decisions for my son’s care. Left alone, Vikki’s joined by a comforting Chelsea.

Billy on a breathing tube, Ashley confides in Billy (about how Abby and Jack will handle things if she doesn’t make it) This family needs your heart – I’m the one who’s supposed to die, not you. Traci peeks her head in – why would you say that!!??

Ashley says her baby brother shouldn’t die before her. It doesn’t work like that, Traci still can’t believe Colleen’s gone. We need you back on your feet, Traci now talks to Billy. Jack and Phyllis are up next. Jack apologizes for letting Billy down (then lists all the reasons he believes in his little brother – now and forever)

Chelsea won’t let Vikki blame herself – she did Billy wrong too. Vikki just hopes he gets better – so they can forgive one another.

At NE, Victor warns Marisa to tread carefully (and not tell anyone about Noah)

We fire at the same time or there’s no deal, Adam reminds. OK – Luca needs a bit more time to get dirt on his Father. The we move forward. Move forward on what? Victor appears.

You’ve got the wrong guy, Gil claims. Paul gives him a choice – the truth or jail. We had an ‘exchange’, but Gil didn’t use the guy as a speed bump. 200K is a lot of money. You just walked away? That’s right – go ahead and check my car, Gil invites.

Still at NE, Noah now talks to Marisa – it’s weird that she and Victor are on the same page (about keeping quiet) Noah doesn’t know how to ‘cover his tracks’. Marisa wants to help him.

Meanwhile, in the office, Adam and Luca were discussing a South American mining deal. Victor scolds Adam for conducting business in his office – in future, do it elsewhere.