Monday, January 25th

Phyllis reemerges to whistle – that was cold, stringing Kevin along like that. Natalie meant it – he’s her partner. You want to do this for Billy, I want to do it for Kevin. They shake hands.

Meeting Sage as she’s brought into the station, Paul jokes that she has a good left hook. Sage would rather sit in a cell than be put in Fairview by that witch. What’s going on? Dylan comes along to ask (with Sharon) Ask your wife – she’s Dr Anderson’s #1 fan, Sage quips. As Paul takes Sage into his office, Sharon tells him Dr Anderson’s right – Sage needs help. Nick comes along in need of Dylan’s help; family trumps law. Yes, he knows he sounds like Victor. But help me get Sage out of here.

Paul tells Nick that Dr Anderson won’t back down on pressing charges – she’ll be arraigned tomorrow. DrAnderson arrives to ask Nick how he’s doing. He’s ashamed he didn’t see it (how far gone Sage is) Your support – my treatment – we can help Sage – if we work together as a team., she says. Lead out, Sage is heartbroken to see Dr Anderson consoling Nick.

Chelsea snuggles in Adam’s arms as they joke about staying there. He plans to find this woman who kidnapped him. Chelsea only cares that he’s home – I love you. Nothing outside this home matters ~kiss~

As Vikki concludes that the deal was no good, Natalie arrives to say she and the boss know better – don’t we partner? Nikki’s not happy when Victor asks Vikki to escort her home. You were almost part of this family for a minute – thank God you realized your priorities! I’ll talk to her, Vikki whispers at her Dad as she follows her Mom out. Nikki’s pissed when Victor firmly closes the door.

After Jack leaves Billy to sleep, Phyllis slips in (unseen because Jack wouldn’t approve) She then announces that the hacker works for her – for US – we’re back in the game and this time we’ll win.


Next: What the hell were you thinking last night? Nick asks Sage….. Ben’s annoyed with Abby – this is my son – I need to be kept in the loop when it comes to him – understand? … Ashley asks Dr Neville – if your treatment doesn’t work, will you please end my life so my family doesn’t have to?

My Thoughts: Sage really delivered on that slap – looks like she loosened Nicks teeth and slapped the dimples clear off his face. Is this some elaborate plan Nick and Sage concocted? Or has Nick decided that Dr Anderson’s not ‘off’ after all? … Obviously the thug Phyllis hired is not familiar with GC’s legal system. 30 years for kidnapping Adam!? Good luck with that since Victor faces no charges for kidnapping both Marisa AND Natalie? (never mind people he’s kidnapped in the past; Jack, Billy right back to 30 years ago when he kept Julia’s lover locked in a cage and fed rats) …. Huh? If Phyllis is going to say ‘her own team’ came up with the program – why does she invite Natalie to announce it to the world – with her? Won’t it be a bit obvious that Natalie IS Phyllis’ ‘own team’? … If Phyllis had a million to pay for the program, why didn’t Billy think to ask her? Since this internet project has absolutely no overhead (other than a roof over Natalie’s head and a place to plug in her laptop) he could have paid the first million and stalled her on the second million (which was added on by Kevin, not Natalie’s asking price) … Why is Paul having the thug’s room dusted for prints? He was told the thug never say the woman (so she wouldn’t have been in his room)