Monday, January 25th

So wait – I was kidnapped because of some uber geek? Billion dollar software that will change the Internet, Jack adds. Mariah and Kevin first partnered with Billy. I bought into it, Victor says – but is just glad Adam’s safe. As always, Jack quips (and with a glance at Victor, tells Adam to stay safe) As Nikki arrives, Adam wonders why he was the one kidnapped (not Nick or Vikki) Victor feels that the woman who kidnapped him might know of their relationship because she’s here (not Europe)

Jack arrives to tell Vikki that the fashion show is over – Adam was kidnapped by one of Victor’s business rivals. After Vikki goes to check in with her family, Billy asks Jack who did it. You may have dodged a bullet in being cut out of Kevin’s project, Jack says. Billy thinks this business rival sounds like his kinda guy.

As Paul’s on the phone organizing recovery of the thugs phone, Adam saunters into the office (Victor sits behind his desk) They wonder why the ‘boss lady’ didn’t want Adam harmed. Chelsea and Nikki don’t want Adam questioned anymore – let them go home. Thanking his Dad, Adam leaves with Chelsea. Seeing Dylan’s bruised face, Nikki knows Sharon won’t like that.

At the station, Kevin assures Sharon that Dylan’s fine. Why isn’t he answering my texts? she steps aside wondering. Mariah asks where ‘the walking laptop’ is. Kevin’s not sure – Natalie took the tracker off. Maybe she’s been kidnapped for real.

Dr Anderson’s cut off by Sage – Don’t talk to me like you’re my shrink. You’re doing this to us! Sage hopes Nick can see this. She’s spiraling – you can’t fix this, Dr A says to Nick. And you can!? Sage snarls. Dr A thinks she should go in for observation. You want to have me committed!? Sage punches Dr A.

Nick takes Sage aside. You need help. Why are you on her side? We’re all on your side, Dr Anderson pisses Sage off even further. I’ve called the police – put her on a 72 hour hold or I’m pressing charges. Get her the help she needs or I will. No, no, Sage is left to plead with Nick – this isn’t happening.

At the station, Sharon fusses over Dylan as Paul takes Kevin and Mariah into his office. There’s no news on Natalie. They have the thugs phone – he claims he was hired by a woman. His motel’s being dusted for prints. Paul asks if Natalie collected the funds off each sale of her program. Mariah bets she has – we’ve been played again. Kevin knows the program can work – and whoever kidnapped Adam knows it too.

Phyllis tells Natalie that Billy’s her brother in law and dear friend – don’t forget that detail – this deal was important to him (and it’s important to her) You expect me to work for you? No – with me. By pretending to work for Victor? Natalie tells Phyllis to take her money back. She won’t poke the bear. Victor’s using you – he’ll ruin your life, Phyllis tells Natalie to own her idea – make her own decisions. Billy and I can do that for you. Do you want to take your idea to the world with Victor? Or with me?

Nick’s about to explain the misunderstanding to the responding officers but returns to Sage as she snarls at Dr Anderson (who tells her to get help or go to jail) And have people like YOU fix me? Sage holds her wrists out – arrest me already.

Jack updates Billy – Natalie sold a buggy version of her software – the buyer had Adam kidnapped and exchanged Natalie for his freedom. Natalie’s probably gone. Billy’s sure Kevin’s right about this program being legit. And what is Phyllis up to? She told me not to lose hope. She seemed confident I wasn’t out of the game yet.

Nikki scolds Victor for putting everyone in a dangerous situation. Vikki won’t feel guilty for spending time with Billy – she’s glad he didn’t get in deeper with this Natalie. Nikki hopes she and her drama are gone. FYI, my investment isn’t worth a damn – she has my money, Victor scowls. Oh, Nikki sniffs – the same money you didn’t mind losing for Adam?

At the penthouse, Adam talks about being held hostage. You’re home safe now, Chelsea says. Adam lists all the positives in his life – he has everything. Chelsea’s sure they’ll have gray hair together. Swear we’ll always be together. Adam promises ~kiss~

Adam and Chelsea make out in bed.

Kevin and Mariah find Natalie in the suite. Our deal still stands, Natalie assures Kevin – you still trust me right? We have nothing to lose – but Victor can’t know. Natalie won’t let Victor control the idea – it’s ours. Unbelievable! Mariah huffs out after Kevin. In the hallway, Mariah gripes – she’s playing us! We have nothing to lose. It’s worth a shot and Kevin’s taking it.