Thursday, January 28th

Phyllis tells Natalie that she and Billy love fiercely. Sometimes the people we love don’t understand why we do the things we do. Billy loves Vikki more than he needs this deal – so keep your distance, do your job; Billy and I will do ours.

Natalie will make your Father a ton of money, Billy tells Vikki not to worry about it – she’s Victor’s problem. Vikki agrees she should get back to the office (impressed he’s encouraging and supporting her) After Vikki leaves, Phyllis returns to assume Billy told her the truth.

In Ashley’s office, Jack’s offering her a job too – Jabot needs all of us. Dad built this company out of courage – let’s build a future together. Ashley loves Jabot, but her place is here. She believes in Neville. It’s time to cut your losses, Jack doesn’t understand – Ashley’s not needed in the lab – why is she really here?

Spotting Devon at the bar, Neil tells Hilary that he’ll call her later. At the bar, Devon signs divorce papers and leaves Neil to give them to Hilary. No, he’s not ‘making a mistake’, he’s correcting one. Neil calls to make a reservation – a romantic table for two.

Ashley’s committed to making a difference. Jack can’t say no to a sister who wants to make the world a better place. Abby arrives to say she doesn’t want to spend her life choosing between NE and Jabot – she says no. Jack’s disappointed but respects her decision. Abby wants to make a difference too – that’s why she wants to work for her Mom (whose smile is frozen in place)

Nikki’s at the penthouse admiring a rack of clothes Chelsea’s donating to her charity auction. We’ll be spending more time together now that Victor and Adam are, she muses – then recognizes the signs of being married to a man obsessed with the family business. No, Nikki can’t tell Chelsea that everything will be alright. Expect to spend time alone and disappointed – it’s like your husband has a mistress that you can’t slap in the face.

In Victor’s office, Adam updates that Chelsea knows about their plan – she won’t tell anyone. Victor reminds that she told the world he’s Adam Newman. Business is rough – Victor protects his wife. Adam’s wife is different – tough – she’s with us. Victor thinks they should end it and move on. Adam agrees – he has an idea for their next move but needs Victor to be open minded.

Nikki tells Chelsea that she can fight back, or fight dirty. Just love Adam as much as I love Victor. She’s still trying to figure the rest out herself.

Adam suggests Victor go away. Luca will let his guard down and think it the perfect time to take over for their Fathers. OK, Victor will go away – but hopes Adam really wants to be part of this company (and isn’t staying just to keep Christian’s paternity a secret) When Vikki barges in, Adam leaves – enjoy your trip. Trip? Victor asks Vikki to keep and eye on Natalie – you’re the only one I can trust. Abby? She’s leaving. Alright, Vikki agrees.

Billy didn’t tell Vikki – it would blow up his life as he knows it. Rest up, Phyllis knows he’ll need it. In the hallway, Jack reports that Ashley and Abby declined his job offer. If Billy says no, Jack will be in this alone. You’re not alone, Phyllis isn’t going anywhere ~hug~

At Top of the Tower, Neil tells Hilary that Devon’s signed off on divorce papers. Sign them too and you’ll be a free woman. Hilary doesn’t look happy about that.

Abby likes the positive vibe in the lab – you’re saving lives. Neville hopes to do it quietly. It’s a step down, Ashley tries to dissuade. Abby is pleased to be working together – no more secrets. Welcome aboard, Neville shakes her hand, but is less than impressed when Abby chirps – now tell me everything about medical research.