Thursday, January 28th

Neil talks about remarrying Hilary right away – he can finish their dream house. We’re free to live our lives however we want – Devon’s taking his money and leaving town. Just sign that paper, Neil hands her the pen. Hilary guesses this is a ploy to push her back to Devon. Neil thinks that Hilary loves Devon – we can’t rekindle what we had. Search your heart – you’ll find the answer. You’re never going to love me again are you? No, I won’t. Hilary leaves with the divorce papers.

Nikki drops by the office to ask when she was going to hear about Victor’s trip. Your friend Neil will keep your social calendar full, he’s sure. All I want is you, Nikki confesses the whole thing was a ruse – to drive Hilary back to Devon. I wanted your attention – is that too much to ask? Victor gives her a kiss.

It’s just business babe, Adam says. Chelsea had a chat with Nikki – she doesn’t want them to be like her and Victor. Adam’s doing his best; he’s being forced to work with his Father. What do you mean you’re being forced? Chelsea wonders.

Divorce papers? Hilary confronts Devon at the bar. Yes – you don’t love me. Sign and you’ll be done with me, Devon says. Hilary can’t.


Neville gives Abby some reading material – knock yourself out. Abby’s so excited about this new chapter in her life. After she leaves, Ashley worries she’ll discover her Mother’s dying. Neville’s supportive and thinks Abby brilliant – are we ever going to talk about the kiss? Probably not, Ashley says.

Jack and Phyllis are back in Billy’s room – will he rejoin Jabot? He sees great things ahead for the three of them. I’m in, Billy shakes Jack’s hand.

Vikki drops by Natalie’s suite to say she’s in charge of her project and will be watching her like a hawk – you better not try screw over my family.

Victor declares his undying love for Nikki. She realizes her behavior was silly but she wants to be part of Victor’s life. Pack your bags, Victor’s taking Nikki on a second honeymoon – anywhere she wants to go ~hug~

Chelsea knows Victor’s holding something over Adam’s head – tell me what it is.

Next: That Internet security deal you mentioned – my Father’s putting me in charge of is while he’s away, Vikki tells Phyllis and Billy … It’s just the two of us now – tell me what’s really going on, Dr Shelby is with an emotional Sage … We need to talk about Sage, Nick’s let into the penthouse by Chelsea. He tells Adam that he wants to get everything out in the open.