Thursday, March 31st

Phyllis is proud to announce Jabot’s new project; an Internet security program that will revolutionize the world. Given the mic, Natalie blathers technology-speak. As Kevin steps in, Luca tells Summer that it’s a pity Jack fired him – they’ll need someone like me. What does that mean? Summer’s suspicious. As Billy takes his turn speaking, Vikki strides over and slaps Billy – you’re a liar and a thief. Camera clicking intensifies.

Back at GCM, Shawn declares her baby ‘amazing and perfect’. Yes he is, Sage agrees with a smile.

There was someone else there, Sharon has a fuzzy recollection. No, not Patty. A nurse, she tells Dylan.

The nurse in question announces that it’s time to take the baby for tests. No, you can’t take my baby, Shawn refuses.

When the press asks Vikki for clarification, she accuses the Abbotts of corporate espionage and conspiring with Natalie. Billy states that Jabot took back a project stolen from them – we won, you lost, deal with it. I’m not a loser, I’m a Newman. You want a war? It’s on! Vikki storms out.


A woman’s hand opens the door to Victor’s cell. So it’s you, he chuckles. I should have known.

Next: Dylan approaches the nurse at GCM. Detective McAvoy GCPD, I’d like to ask you some questions … You better start taking this seriously. Find Victoria or get out …. Vikki surprises Mike – What if I offered you half a million dollars to come back to Newman?

My Thoughts: Victor Newman is such a caricature. How silly to think he’d be able to beat up an armed man half his age. When will they stop trying to make him a physical threat. At leat it was only one this time. And why can’t they ever do a convincing fight scene? Surely it can’t be blamed on daytime’s low budget. Not that I’ve been, but I don’t imagine I’d want to say ‘watch your ass’ in prison. I think it’s the last place for ass watching … Good job Vikki – you’ve just committed assault and battery – on camera. If she’s not charged (which she won’t be) it’s still not a great thing for her kids to grow up to see online. She’s lost custody for less and could use some anger management …