Thursday, March 31st

After Vikki hauls Billy off – to speak to him alone, Jack sighs – and so it begins. He’s not onboard with this announcement (a final nail in Billy and Vikki’s coffin and sticking it to Victor) This is our night, Phyllis demands they present a united front.

As Kevin reassures Natalie, Mariah arrives to note she brushed her hair – good job. Kevin’s excited about being made ‘point man’ on the project – we owe it all to Natalie. After she screwed us over a dozen times, Mariah adds. Kevin and Mariah then talk with a reporter. Luca steps in to say that Jack will be the one on camera (annoying Kevin)

When Luca interrupts Jack and Phyllis’ debate, Jack fires him. He doesn’t want anyone working for him who’s working behind his back. Get outta my sight. Summer wonders if her Mom will be fired too – but has nothing to say to her. DO you want to fire me? Phyllis asks Jack. Aside, Vikki and Billy argue over who this launch is hurting. My Dad’s in prison, this hurts ME.

What more can there be? Sharon wonders. Dylan wonders why Patty killed Dr Anderson – she’s the only person who can say what happened. She kept saying ‘the baby’.

Nick turned on the old Newman charm to get Shawn in to see David. Looking at the incubator, Shawn wants to hold him. He has to stay in there, Sage says. As Nick gently pushes Sage back, Shawn talks to David. Did you see that? He knows I’m his Mom. Nick notices that Sage has slipped out.

Vikki’s hisses in Billy’s face – Passkey belongs to Newman. It’s mine! The kids and I never stood a chance against your obsession with revenge against my Father. Announcement time, Kevin appears.

Bobby comes at Victor with a small knife. Quickly overpowering him to the ground, Victor looks down – who’ll need protection boy?

Mariah’s not surprised to hear Jack fired Luca. Summer’s not sure why she defended him – he screwed over my Mom and Grandpa, my family and half the town hates him. But there’s this thing – he’s so honest with me. Mariah reminds Snowflake that she married the guy who kidnapped her Aunt and you have a hot boyfriend. Summer agrees; on paper, Kyle’s everything she’d want, but he has a life in New York. Mariah warns that bad boy Luca will rip Summer’s heart out.

Vikki now confronts Jack – this is how we end the Newman-Abbott feud? Jabot needs this, Jack insists. Is Vikki supposed to move on like NE wasn’t robbed? Please – stop this – you’re the only one who can. It’s business, Jack states and it means everything to Billy – don’t use this as an excuse to declare war. If you really want change, don’t do what Victor would do.

As Bobby cowers on the floor, a guard hurries in and hustles Victor out of the cell.

Sharon’s sure ‘the baby’ is Sully. Patty was obsessed with my pregnancy. It’s all so foggy; the pregnancy and delivery. SDylan surprises Sharon – no one on staff at Fairview remembers you giving birth and there’s no record of a doctor being brought in. What’s Dylan looking for? He’s not sure – think back to that night. Sharon remembers their video chat – being upset to hear that Nick and Sage lost their baby. Then it all gets fuzzy. Wait – I remember, Sharon’s troubled.

In the hallway, Sage is sure her fears are coming true – David’s supposed to be OUR baby – we’re going to lose him. With a hug, Nick disagrees. He knows how hard it is, but give Shawn the time to decide. Don’t you want it to be the right decision for all of us? Sage realizes she’s being selfish and desperate. You’re not a ‘monster’ – you just want to be a Mother, Nick consoles.

Sharon remembers holding Sully. And when Dylan presses for details, Dr Anderson passing Sully to her. Was anyone else in the room? There was, Sharon’s wide-eyed.