Tuesday, May 24th

Meeting Ashley at the outdoor cafe, Phyllis mentions that she has somewhere to be soon. Ashley frets over Billy ruining his chances of reconciling with Vikki with his new fling. It could be just a flash in the pan, Phyllis suggests. Nope – Ashley relays Billy’s lunch spread and his secrecy. She feels bad for this woman. Billy’s got rebound written all over him. He’ll break this poor thing’s heart.

This may be Victor’s last chance to demonstrate his love for his family. Yes, by confessing to a crime he didn’t commit. It may help Nick. What about you? Dr Gates WILL find a way to get Victor out. You’re a remarkable woman – and Victor won’t disobey doctor’s orders.

Vikki’s at the penthouse whining about reporters asking her about Adam’s arrest. I don’t need this. You don’t? Adam’s facing prison thanks to Victor. But let’s talk about YOU. Vikki agrees – you’re not capable of poisoning an old woman. All packed! Chelsea comes down blathering about leaving. Oh no, you’ve got to be kidding, Vikki groans.

Billy comes through the revolving door to ask Jack why he’s holding a room key (and where’s Phyllis) No trouble at home, he hopes. No, Phyllis appears to say it’s just the opposite; she and Jack are enjoying a little getaway. Billy does not look happy.

Jack likes Phyllis expression for it – a romantic time out. She and Jack have been pulled in different directions lately and she plans to make up for it. She’ll wait upstairs – don’t be long. That leaves Billy to tell Jack to go have fun. Jack tells Billy about the change in his marriage (for the better) If only you could be as happy as me. Having stomped off to the bar, Billy watches Ashley whisk Jack off to a table – then heads for the stairs.

This is a terrible idea, Vikki disapproves of raising a child on the run. The manhunt for Adam Newman will create bad press for NE. Chelsea doesn’t care – she won’t let Victor destroy their lives. Vikki warns that it’ll just make matters worse. You’re still my brother – we need to stick together as a family to thwart Dad. Adam realizes he has unfinished business with his Father (and leaves Chelsea to huff at Vikki)

In a fuschia negligee, Phyllis puts music on in her suite and fluffs her hair. Knock knock. Come it – she’s stunned when Billy walks in.

Billy tells Phyllis that Jack’s busy talking to Phyllis. This isn’t easy for me, she assures she’s not trying to hurt Billy. Why are you here with Jack? Trying to erase memories of me with Jack? You can’t forget – and neither can I, Billy insists.

Jack won’t jeopardize his peace with Billy over his social life. And why did you talk to Phyllis? Yes she cares – too much. It’s affected our marriage (and now realizes it) Jack thinks they all need to back off; stop cleaning up after Billy. OK, but Ashley worries this fling may cost Billy the love of his life.

Vikki won’t apologize for talking her brother out of something he’ll regret. Chelsea wants the real reason she’s interfering. Vikki admits that Adam’s the most like their Father – to beat Victor we must think like him.

Adam praises Victor for a job well done. Doctoring a journal’s not easy (especially from a cell) You denied it to Mike – but – you threatened me. This is a perfect move. Victor tells Adam that he’s caught in a web of his own making. How does it feel to know you’re innocent but no one listens? The walls close in on you. You can’t breath. Sit down! Victor orders when Adam stands to leave.

I’m not as loyal as Vikki, as decent as Nick, as sweet as Abby – Adam knows he’s none of those things – but I’m yours; moreso than the others. Maybe that’s why you can’t stand me. Adam’s done trying to get his Father’s approval. I’ve got my family. You won’t take that away from me. Stay – please sit, Victor reminds Adam of playing soccer in Kansas when he was a kid – was so proud when he graduated Harvard. What is it between the two of us? Adam raps on the door and leaves Victor in tears.

Adam’s nothing like his Father – well not much. Adam gives his love without conditions; he’s good. Or maybe he’s more like Victor than you care to admit, Vikki just hopes Adma stays to fight. Now alone, Chelsea thinks over a framed family photo.

Phyllis doesn’t want to destroy her life with Jack over this ‘thing’ between us. Billy can’t live without Phyllis. Just go, she says – this can’t work. Billy loves Jack too but what we have is real. You and I know it. Billy leaves Phyllis tormented.

This isn’t on us, it’s on Billy, Jack tells Ashley. Billy appears – so this is why my ears are burning (he’s back for his sunglasses) Sending Jack upstairs, Billy further worries Ashley with his mood and comment about no one getting what they want.

What took you so long? Phyllis launches on Jack when he comes through the door. Oh how she misses him ~kiss~ This feels like a new beginning to Jack. It’s just us, Phyllis agrees as they kiss their way onto the bed.