Tuesday, May 24th

Downstairs, Billy recognizes Bethany (who waitressed at On The Boulevard) She gushes over his million dollar smile. I had a crush on you. Did you now, Billy’s interested.

Back behind the desk Vikki reads the reporters article online – Like Father not like daughter. NE is in good hands. I’ll make you proud, Vikki tells Victor’s portrait.

In the infirmary yet again, Victor tells Dr Gates that Adam needs him. He’s not going to confess. He knows Adam killed Constance but wants to protect him. Dr Gates is floored that Victor has ammo but hasn’t used it. Your family doesn’t deserve you. I don’t deserve you, Victor’s grateful Meredith’s giving him courage.

Adam’s back at the penthouse. Chelsea trusts him to make the right decision. Adam wasn’t sure what that is – but now it’s clear as a bell. We stay here and prove Victor’s framing me. It’s the only way we’ll be free. Chelsea will always support Adam ~hug~


Next: Is everything OK? Devon asks. I’m being blackmailed by your bitch of a wife, Lily snaps – does that sound OK to you? … Hilary would never forgive herself if she didn’t give Jack this news right now (as he dines with Phyllis at the club) … You live with your Mother? Bethany and Billy come down his stairs in towels. Maybe you should learn something about the men you sleep with dear, Jill barks.

My Thoughts: What happened in the park was huge? And ‘it doesn’t seem like it’s that hard for you’ – who’s writing Billy’s lines? He’s trying to come off as crazy-about-Phyllis, but he’s just coming off as crazy (and desperate; a stage 4 clinger) Phyllis is no better throwing herself at Jack. But let’s face it – Jack’s in his 60’s – are we expected to believe he’s as viral as a teenager? … Vikki shouldn’t really be commenting on how Chelsea raises Connor – she’s one of the few Mother’s who’s managed to lose custody of her child (Reed’s only rarely mentioned for having infrequent video chats with dear ole Mom)