Monday, June 20th

Downstairs, Neil insists he was ready to face the consequences. Devon changed his mind in the police station – Hilary begged him not to do it. She wanted to keep the secret, Devon went along with it. Neil was grateful, but then Hilary started to blackmail him (to stay on the foundation board) I don’t even recognize this woman I once loved. But you kidnapped her, Jack isn’t sure he can live with this lie.

Oh no, Billy and Phyllis are out of wine – and food. We’re in danger of starvation. Oh, what will Billy put in Phyllis’ lovely mouth? Brownies from CL’s. With a quick kiss, Billy heads off to get some groceries.

Still at the office, Nick does indeed think Travis might be worth keeping around. Vikki confides that he tensed up in the office – he didn’t like what he saw. Nick wonders if Travis is making her look in the mirror; realize how much time she’s spending here instead of with the kids. There is more to life. Run the company her way, not Dad’s. Vikki thinks the advice good – but isn’t sure Travis wants her to fight for him.

At CL’s, Billy’s introduced to Travis – who exits without returning the greeting. When Billy wonders why, Luca informs that Travis is the new man in Vikki’s life.

Back in the dining room, Neville, Lily and Neil update one another; Hilary told Jack all about the kidnapping, Devon’s confronting his soul-sucking wife right now – and Ashley knows that Neil kidnapped Hilary and is going to try convince Jack not to go to the authorities. Neil doesn’t have much hope – Jack isn’t sure he can keep the secret. Neil feels like he’s been on borrowed time for months – the day of reckoning has finally arrived.

On the rooftop, Ashley tells Jack that she had no idea that Neil kidnapped Hilary. You don’t want to put your friend behind bars. The foundation you and Neil started is all about second chances and forgiveness. This wasn’t a little mistake, Jack points out – it was a calculated plan to destroy a marriage that led to a string of felonies. How can Jack be part of the conspiracy? Consider everyone else involved, Ashley implores.

You asked us all to keep quiet, then tell Jack? Devon wonder why the hell Hilary would do that. Jack demanded answers, Hilary had to tell him. Ashley was making me look like a monster. I couldn’t stand the thought of Jack not trusting me. You sold out my Father so Jack would still think highly of you!? What about MY opinion? Devon’s not sure Hilary’s a good person he should defend anymore.

Neil has a list of regrets and will never forgive himself for dragging Lily (and Cane) into this. Lily hasn’t forgiven Neil for what he did, but doesn’t want him (or Neville to go to prison) and sure doesn’t want Hilary to win. We’ll hire the best lawyers money can buy. Neil hopes Neville and the family don’t get in trouble – but he will. Neil will go turn himself in to Paul – to protect them and end this nightmare once and for all.

Neil’s not the only one facing charges, Ashley lists the victims (including Hilary) The Winters shouldn’t be punished for protecting their family – the twins will lose their parents. Neville’s patients are counting on him. Their lives have to be worth something, she persuades Jack.

You don’t mean it – you’re upset, Hilary knows. Devon won’t be told what to think – it’s like you enjoy making us all jump at your command. Neil’s the guilty one, Hilary reminds. You put us ALL at risk, Devon argues. In hurting my family, you’ve hurt ME, he slams out.

So that’s the guy Vikki’s seeing, Billy makes a few jokes. Summer downplays the rebound relationship – Vikki’s still in love with you. Work things out with her. Billy thinks her free advice worth every penny. Heading to the patio, Luca sees nothing wrong with Summer speaking her mind. And he also doesn’t see Travis and Vikki lasting.

Vikki’s as surprised as Travis is to find herself in his dingy bar. But here I am. Yes, here you are – Travis just needs to figure out why.

Faith dances into the office in her her tutu. She’s signed her Dad up for dancing classes because she misses him so much.