Monday, June 20th

Vikki didn’t like the way they left things earlier – and has been thinking about the way she handled the oil fiasco. I should have been more transparent. She appreciated Travis’ input and will hold herself to a higher standard. She can change her approach to business, but can’t change being a Newman. Not commenting much on Travis’ run in with Billy, Vikki hopes them moving forward is an option.

Phyllis retrieves her cell phone from the shoe box and seeing three missed calls from Jack, gives him a call. How’s Montreal? How are YOU? she changes the subject. Jack just needed to hear Phyllis’ voice. No, he doesn’t need her to come home. Sleep well. I love you ~click~ Billy comes in through the back way. Let’s skip dinner and …. I need to go, Phyllis says.

Nick’s missed Faith too. He’s been helping Aunt Vikki with work. Faith thinks he’s hiding because he feels alone at home and misses Sage. You’re not alone Daddy ~hug~

Move forward? Interesting question, Travis comes around the bar to join Vikki. She likes how Travis challenges her – isn’t sure where it’ll lead but wants to find out. Travis replies with a kiss.

Phyllis tells Billy that Jack was trying to reach her – he needs me but I can wait til morning. We have tonight – and Phyllis wants to make the best out of every moment she and Billy have ~hug~

Now at the bar with Neil, Lil, Ashley, and Neville, Devon wonders if he ever knew ‘that woman’ at all. Everything Hilary’s accused of, it’s all true. Thank God, Lily gives him a hug. When Neil shares his plan to turn himself in, Ashley asks him not to – Jack’s conflicted; wait for him to make a decision.

Jack’s upstairs telling Hilary that he won’t turn Neil in to the police. You need Neville’s treatment; the drug trial is important and you need your husband to get through this. Hilary’s not sure Devon will care. He’s furious with me and won’t forgive me for betraying his Father. He won’t be there for me. Jack will be there for Hilary. We can … There is No ‘we’! I don’t need you! Get out! Hilary shoves Jack out. Hilary, he pleads in the hallway – don’t shut me out. On the other side of the door, Hilary smirks with satisfaction.

Next: I actually have a meeting with the DA to retract my statement. I won’t be testifying in your trial, Meredith tells Adam … Summer panics to Luca – we’re going to lose a fortune. We need our CEO here NOW! … Billy isn’t happy to see Vikki draped all over Travis on the rooftop deck.

My Thoughts: Poor Faith – her nanny/chauffeur couldn’t even be bothered to come and get her. and big sister Summer’s too lazy to walk her out to her car. I guess Sharon’s too busy freaking out about keeping her fake son to take her real daughter to dance class … Phyllis is even more despicable. Your husband either needs you or he doesn’t. She knows Jack’s upset enough that she must cut her tryst short – yet she’s not concerned enough to leave his brothers bed (or couch) … Oh, thank God! Lily launches herself at Devon – just a bit too relieved that her brother’s finally seeing the light about Hilary…. I’m not sure why Hilary’s plan to entrap Jack includes screaming at him like a banshee. And when did Jack become so weak? Is that the way it is now? The good characters are weak – the bad ones are strong? There’s absolutely NO reason for him to be kowtowing to Hilary. One of the few things they have in common is they both slept with a faux parent (Jack slept with his stepmother Jill – and Hilary, of course, slept with her father in law) … Line of the Day goes to Hilary – ‘Devon won’t forgive me for betraying his Father’. What?! The Winters family has ALWAYS been a cycle of betray-forgive-repeat-betray-forgive-repeat …. By Ashley’s confessed to some pretty serious charges – why haven’t the police or press been hounding her? … Despite being sent out for food and Phyllis saying she’s ‘starving’, why does Billy come in and decide they should ‘skip’ eating and have sex instead…. Why did Vikki feel the need to call Hank’s bar ‘dingy’ – and has she taken a good look at her office? Besides being on the top floor of Newman Towers, it doesn’t even seem to have a single window – it’s like a combination dungeon – penthouse; or what I’d like to officially name ‘the dung-house’.